Do you get an instant boost of confidence when you color your hair? A good hair color can highlight the beauty, make you look younger, smarter and also be good for your hair. So, do you know the ingredients that make the perfect hair color?

Most people do not know that hair color has a permanent effect on their hair. They believe that after coloring their hair, it does not impact the roots and surface keratin layer of their hair. But this is not true. A less than nourishing hair color can dry the hair, make it brittle, dull or even cause hairfall.

People who trust in natural cosmetics know that the ingredients that go into their hair color is very important. That’s why they opt for hair colors that contain natural herbs, do not contain ammonia and protect like Sunny Herbals Hair Color, which is the best hair color for black hair.

Why Go Natural With Your Hair Color

Just one sachet of Sunny Herbals natural hair color for black hair forms a smooth natural paste that gives coverage to your entire head. Sunny Herbals Hair Color covers your hair from the roots so that your hair has a dark color that is evenly applied.

The only difference between a hair color that also contains natural ingredients and a completely chemical based one is that a hair color with natural ingredients will be darker, longer lasting and make your hair softer and smoother.

Natural hair colors are also therapeutic. They contain ingredients that nourish the hair and maintain the hair pH. Natural shampoos also detoxify the pores and nourish hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.

5 ingredients for a better hair color

When you choose a hair color, you want one that has a natural looking color, is gentle on your scalp, protects it from damage and improves its texture. Here are five ingredients in hair color that improve your hair and have no harmful side effects on your tresses.

1. Henna

In India, we have all heard of Henna. It has been used as a hair color for centuries and also used for making ornate designs on the palms. Henna has many benefits to chemical-based colors as it does not dry out the hair or cause damage to outer layers of the hair strands. Henna also naturally protects your hair from premature aging and graying so the more often you use it, the fewer gray hair you will grow.

Henna contains Vitamin E which makes your hair shinier and softer. Henna is also a potent antioxidant so it promotes the health of your hair.

2. Amla

Amla hair oil is good for your hair and scalp, but when present in your hair color it can have many more benefits. Amla deeply nourishes the hair and prevents hair from falling or becoming brittle. It reduces the speed at which your hair grays and loses its pigment.

When used on a dry scalp, amla can offer protection and prevent the start and spread of dandruff. Amla is also anti-parasitic and anti-microbial so it kills any germs living on your scalp and in the roots.

3. Shikakai

Shikakai is a natural ingredient that honestly belongs in more plant based hair colors. First of all, it is a deep cleanser and fights dandruff and bacteria. But it is also healing for tiny cuts on your scalp and is an anti-infectant.

Shikakai will lend your hair a lustrous shine and make it soft and strong. Shikakai stops hair fall and makes your hair thicker, healthier and stronger.

4. Brahmi

Brahmi is very relaxing when it is applied to the hair. It has a cooling effect and reduces the stress on your head. It also maintains the pH value of your scalp and makes it ideal for hair growth.

Brahmi's most important quality is that it closely binds to the hair and offers protection, in the way of preventing split ends. Brahmi is an all rounder when it comes to protecting your hair and making it healthier, preventing dandruff and slowing down hair fall.

5. Bhringraj

Bhringraj promotes hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles to counter baldness and slow down hair graying. Bhringraj nourishes the hair from the roots and makes it stronger and able to withstand rough pulling or damage caused by brushing. Bhringraj also nourishes the hair and treats scalp infections.

Does your average hair color contain these natural ingredients? If you opt to include these ingredients in your packet hair color you too could have all of the above benefits, as well as darker, softer and better looking hair.

Sunny Herbals Hair Color for darker and beautiful hair

Sunny Herbals Hair Color is the best color for natural black hair, available in black, light brown, dark brown and burgundy. It is the all in one natural hair color that gives you darker natural looking hair.

The magic in Sunny Herbals Hair Color black is that it contains all of the above 5 ingredients in this blog. These five ingredients are completely plant based and have no side effects so it is better than other chemical based hair colors. So, if you are in the mood to try something special for your hair, get a smarter look with Sunny Herbals Hair Color and try hair color with added natural goodness.