How many of you have played football to impress your crush but only to return home crying with a sprained leg? If you are getting major flashbacks, then you know what I am talking about.

Spraining is common and not solely restricted to sportspersons alone. It occurs even if you indulge in small day-to-day activities like housework, gardening, or even lifting a bag. The pain and discomfort of spraining could become a hindrance to performing daily activities and hence it’s vital to treat them properly.

You never know when you will find yourself with a twisted arm or a sprained ankle. Whenever we sprain, we are immediately wired to massage the sprained area; this is not the right first aid tip for a sprain as doing this could worsen your condition. It is important to use the right ointment to get relief from the sprain.

What else could be a great remedy than a natural herb that has homeopathic properties?

Bakson’s Arnica Ointment is the ultimate solution for sprain relief. It primarily consists of arnica which has earned attention as a miraculous herb for reducing swelling, bruising, and muscle sprain. Arnica ointment has been used in medicine for time immemorial owing to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

Bakson’s arnica ointment is considered one of the best natural herbal ointments for muscle pain and sprains.

Components of Bakson’s Arnica Ointment

Let’s have a quick look at the components of Bakson’s Arnica Ointment.

Bakson’s Arnica ointment, manufactured in India by Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, consists of Arnica Montana, also known as Wolf’s Bane, which is an ancient semi-toxic plant.

Since Bakson’s Arnica ointment is carefully curated with natural herbal ingredients, and since it’s a homeopathic medicine, it has no side effects and it helps in sprain management and treatment. Bakson’s arnica ointment utilizes such potent natural ingredients which makes it the best ointment for sprains.

How does Bakson Arnica ointment help relieve sprains?

The mechanism of pain-relieving property of Bakson’s Arnica ointment is due to the specific component present in the Arnica plant. Sesquiterpene lactones, which is the active ingredient present in the herb Arnica Montana, have been shown to reduce pain by blocking the p65 subunit protein and, as a result, it acts on the muscles causing an anti-inflammatory response and also relieves morning stiffness.

Arnica ointment can help with muscle aches and pains when used after strenuous exercise. Early studies suggest that arnica ointment can relieve mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee. Arnica increases circulation, which aids the body's natural healing process and promotes quick relief. It also assists in reducing body swelling and provides pain relief.

Pharmacological studies have shown that arnica has wound-healing, and post-operative healing qualities that are beneficial for arthritis. Helenalin is a component present in the Arnica plant which is known to be responsible for Arnica Montana's analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Other studies have shown that the arnica ointment is just as effective as ibuprofen at easing pain and providing relief for sprain management and treatment.

How to treat a sprain using Bakson Arnica Ointment

Clean the sprained area properly. After drying, apply a pea size of Bakson’s arnica ointment externally on the affected area. Follow the routine and apply twice daily on the affected area for better results.


If you are looking for natural herbal remedies for sprain treatment and management, try Bakson’s Arnica Ointment.

Bakson’s Arnica Ointment is a natural homeopathic ointment which is crafted with organic herbal ingredients. Due to its potent ingredients, it is considered as the best ointment for sprains and muscle pain. Bakson's Arnica ointment is a homeopathic remedy that not only supports and boosts the body's ability to mend sprains and other wounds but also promotes their natural healing.