Are you getting the number of calories you need on a daily basis? If you think you are, yet unable to gain weight, what could be the reason?

When I first began to take my health seriously, and made a conscious decision to watch my weight, I had a different problem than most people would assume. Instead of having to shed extra pounds, my dilemma was that - because I did not have the appetite I was not able to gain weight and have a healthy BMI.

Many people have the problem of being underweight, and it sometimes makes us feel conscious of our bodies. We would like to have a full figure or wear skinny clothes without looking too slender, however, our body is just unable to put on more weight.

Some Signs that you are not eating enough and have calorie deficiency symptoms are you experience breathing difficulty after just a small exertion, or feel that you do not have enough energy to be active during the day.

Homeopathic Appetite Stimulants

Besides the below tips to increase appetite, a little help from a homeopathic appetite stimulant can make a huge difference. For me, the appetite stimulant that helped the most was Bakson Alfavena Malt. I take one spoonful of this tonic twice a day to increase my appetite.

A Breakdown of healthy calorie intake

As a breakdown of what your calorie sources should be, here is a small chart of what are the ideal proportions of proteins, carbs, and fat. It will come in handy if you are struggling to eat enough calories.

A balanced calorie intake should be:

  • 70% of your calories should come from carbohydrates like Rice, chapati, bread, beans, dal (legumes), potato etc.
  • 15% from proteins like paneer, chicken, beans, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.
  • 25% should come from foods that are rich in healthy fats.

How to eat enough calories and increase your appetite

If you are trying to improve your weight then here are some of the things that really helped me. The first thing I did was make a concrete plan to increase my weight; it was a commitment of sorts that I made to myself that I was going to increase my weight in the next 2 months. For it I was going to have to stick to a schedule. Here are the four things I found that made a big difference which I can recommend to you.

Here are some ways to increase your appetite and how to eat enough calories.

Eat less junk food

I know when you think of snacks to increase weight, the first thing that comes to mind is maybe If I have an extra bag of chips or a sugary carbonated drink every day I’ll put on weight. This is true but it will also make you very unhealthy. Also, junk food has a way of making you lose your appetite as you don't feel hungry when it is lunchtime on the clock.

Do not drink water during or before a meal

Do you have the habit of drinking a glass of water accompanying your meal? This could be the reason that you may be eating less as water fills the stomach. Hydrating is important but make sure that you are not drinking too much water around mealtime.

Eat more often

You may be thinking that If I do not have the appetite how do I eat more often? Ironically, scientists have discovered that if you eat more than three meals a day you will develop a stronger appetite. The science is that the body produces more hunger hormones that stimulate your appetite after eating healthy snacks in between meals.

Here’s a list of some healthy snacks in between meals:

  • Biscuits and sandwiches or a piece of cake during tea time.
  • A few slices of fresh fruits an hour after lunch
  • Munching on salted nuts like almonds, pistachios, Cashew or dry fruits while watching tv
  • Eating high protein chips or chips that have been baked instead of fried as a snack while working.

Trick your brain

Psychology has a huge effect on your appetite and it can be influenced by the size of your plate. Experiments show that people who are served food on a small plate feel that they are eating more because a small plate heaps food together and this can trick the brain.

Take advantage of this trick to eat more. Get a bigger plate as this way you feel like serving yourself larger portions of food and this can help during meal time.

What are some good reasons to put on weight

There are a number of reasons why you may want to put on weight. Here are some of the most common reasons why someone may want to increase their appetite.

  • To improve your fitness and physique
  • You are recovering from an illness
  • You want to increase your energy
  • Pregnancy and lactating mothers
  • Your child has a active life and a fast metabolism

Have you tried appetite stimulants to increase your weight?

An appetite stimulant will increase your hunger and make you want to eat more. If you're wondering what are the natural appetite stimulants you can add as an ingredient to your cooking, the following are ginger, black pepper, coriander, mint, cinnamon, and curry leaves.

There are a number of naturally occurring plants and herbs that stimulate appetite. Alfalfa is rich in zinc, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A which are good for increasing appetite

Bakson Alfavena Malt

As a healthy syrup that works as a supplement for my diet I found that Alfavena Malt delivered the results I was looking for from the first month. Not only did Alfavena Malt completely increase my appetite but it also improved my physical strength, stamina, activeness, and energy.

The best part of Alfavena Malt is that it is only a tonic that takes a few seconds to take. I take a spoonful twice a day and I immediately noticed that my appetite increased. I wanted to eat more often and noticed that I was eating more during lunch and dinner.

Bakson’s Alfavena Malt is made from a cereal grain that has been germinated and dehydrated, then fortified with 8+ multi-minerals and homeopathic herbs to deliver concentrated benefits for digestion, blood, metabolic immunity, and nervous system.

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