Did you know that Vitamin D is used for developing strong bones and bone density in the body? In order for Calcium to be efficiently absorbed by the body it requires the hormone known as Active Vitamin D to regulate it.

As you can guess, Vitamin D is important for all ages, from grandparents to school age children. The sun can be an unlimited source of light to produce Vitamin D, but are you getting enough of it?

Vitamins are often ignored in our health routine, but they play a very important role in regulating all parts of health, including immunity, eye sight, skin, blood cells and bones.

The answer to exactly how much Vitamin D is required in a single day is 400 - 1000 (IU - which stands for International Unit); equivalent to what your skin will produce from 30 mins of exposure to sunlight.

You can increase the amount of Vitamin D in your body for stronger bone density by taking a Vitamin D supplement like Bakson Vitamin D Plus - 50 Capsules.

What are the Health benefits of Vitamin D supplements?

As people progress through different stages of their life, they need more Vitamin D in their diets. This may be because of pregnancy, menopause, age or use of medication. Another reason that your doctor may have recommended a Vitamin D supplement is if you have Vitamin D deficiency. Here are some symptoms of not having enough Vitamin D in your body.

Some signs that you may needs more Vitamin D are:

  • You experience fatigue throughout the day
  • You experience bone pain and pain in your joints
  • You are prone to muscle weakness and cramps
  • You experience mood changes often and this could be related to the medicines you are taking

If you are experiencing the above symptoms on a prolonged basis it could be because you are not consuming enough Vitamin D on a daily basis.

Should you be taking Vitamin D supplements?

If you feel that you are suffering from bone pain and stiffness Vitamin D can help in relief. You may want to take a Vitamin D supplement if any of the below conditions are similar to yours.

You have a kidney or liver disease: The health of your kidney and liver is important for the production of the Enzyme that is necessary for changing Vitamin D into the form that your body can absorb. If you suffer from a related disease ask your doctor if you need to take a Vitamin D supplement.

Obesity: People with weight issues like being overweight are more likely to develop Vitamin D deficiency. Inorder to keep their Vitamin D at a satisfactory level they need to more Vitamin D intake.

Pregnant and Lactating women:Expecting mothers and women who breastfeed need an adequate increase in Vitamin D which they can receive through a  supplement. Studies have found that Vitamin D supplements are completely safe during pregnancy. Vitamin D is transferred through breast milk to the feeding infants and contributes to  bone development in the baby.

Medication:The level of Vitamin D in your body can be lowered when you take certain medications. This is most common in people taking cholesterol lowering medications, seizure control medications, steroids, laxatives, and weight loss drugs.

What are the good sources of Vitamin D?

Your body can naturally produce Vitamin D from standing in sunlight, however here’s what to eat to improve Vitamin D levels. Apart from fortified foods like cereals, shakes, and juices, Vitamin D can also be found in these foods:

  • Oily fish like sardines and salmon
  • Egg yolks and meat; also liver
  • Vegetables like spinach and mushrooms and fruits like oranges and bananas

Bakson Vitamin D Supplements

For a long time, doctors have known the importance of Vitamin D for increasing bone density, boosting the immunity and aiding in the swift recovery from illness.

Vitamin D can reduce in the body when a person is prescribed cholesterol medications or suffering from liver or kidney diseases. Vitamin D is necessary for a quick recovery. An ideal Homeopathic Supplement for this purpose is Bakson Vitamin D Plus - 50 Capsules. It supplements Vitamin D along with calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

People suffering from Osteoporosis or low bone density can improve calcium absorption by taking Bakson Vitamin D Plus - 50 capsules to strengthen their bones and improve the condition.

To get your daily dose of Vitamin D, spend at least 20-30 minutes in the sun. Hope you found the above information useful in understanding the importance that Vitamin D plays in healthy bones, muscles and immunity.