At any given time 150 trillion microbes and germs are living on our skin. The skin is a barrier that prevents those microbes from entering your body. While most microbes are harmless to us, there are some that can penetrate through the skin and multiply, starting an infection.

We all have had a skin infection at one time, whether we were aware of it or not. It could have been a cold sore, infected pimple, wart, or some other kind of infection that was uncomfortable and disrupted our skin on the face, arms, shoulders, neck or back.

The skin acts as a protective barrier from germ and microbes. It is a difficult job for the skin to do, but you can make it easier by using the right soap to prevent skin infections completely.

Antimicrobial soaps kill germs that harm your skin. They are the best way to prevent skin infections from occurring. Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap is the best example of a gentle soap that has antibacterial properties to create a protective shield from the germs that you come across on a daily basis. Using the right soap like Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap is bad news for germs. Here is a look at why.

What are the layers of my skin that an antibacterial soap protects?

The mistake that most people make is that they forget that their skin has more than one layer. The skin is a complex organ and for it to be beautiful and radiant, every layer should be nourished. After all beauty is skin deep and you should glow from within all three layers.

The first two layers of the skin are the most important. They are the epidermis and the dermis, both of which contain the hair follicles and pores, oil secreting glands and capillaries which need to be cleaned of dirt and impurities.

Germs that are able to penetrate the dermis can infect any of these delicate functions and this leads to a skin infection. An all in one anti microbial soap kills the germs before they enter your skin and cause an infection.

What are the infections an antimicrobial soap can stop?

An antibacterial soap can stop all of the common skin infections. The most common types of skin infections are caused by fungus, bacteria and viruses. They could enter your body when you have tiny cuts on your skin like chapped skin due to lack of moisture or more often through pimples.

  • Bacteria can also collect in your pores and glands and this is a major reason for skin infections and pimples if they are not cleansed regularly.
  • Other infections that could affect your skin are contagious ones like ringworm which is mostly found in warm humid weather and spreads through contact.
  • Fungal infections are common for elderly people who do not have much activity and spend most of their time in bed or sitting down.
  • Perspiration is another leading cause of multiplication of germs on your body. Besides this can also cause body odor.

Why choose a herbal soap for cleaner, fresher and infection free skin?

Because herbal ingredients benefit your skin better than chemicals and they have absolutely no side effects. Each plant ingredient has more than one benefit and this reflects in the improvement it makes for your skin.

Neem for fighting infections

Neem has so many benefits on the skin. It has been used for anti-microbial properties for generations, and even today with modern medicine and chemicals, Neem is still used in soaps and other cosmetic products to kill germs, fungus and infection-causing bacteria.

Tulsi for fresher brighter skin

Tulsi is the best naturally occurring detoxicant for your skin. It has so many benefits to fight against pimples and acne, as well as kill infectious bacteria on your skin. Tulsi soothes the flaky and dry skin patches caused by eczema and has a cooling effect on the inner layers. Tulsi also lightens the skin and can be used for fading pigmentation spots for a better tone and complexion.

Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi soap for germ-free skin

Sunny Herbals combines the healing and cleansing properties of Neem and Tulsi to bring you a soap that fights infections, prevents acne, builds healthier skin cells and kills germs.

Use Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap for your face and body to gain softer, cleaner healthier skin from the deepest layers. Its therapeutic formula makes it ideal to be used for a body as well as face soap. It is enriched with glycerine that deeply moisturizes the skin, and traps in the moisture to prevent cracking and dryness. Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap benefits include ingredients Calendula that is a deep cleanser for skin prone to oiliness and clogged pores. It offers protection and damage repair owing to its ingredients containing Aloe Vera gel and Tulsi which promotes healthy aging and reduces pigmentation.