Homeopathy is one of the most popular treatment options which makes use of specially formulated, highly potentised remedies. According to the World Health Organisation, 70–80% of the world's population, especially in developing nations, rely on complementary and alternative treatment options like homeopathy for their basic healthcare.

When you talk about homeopathic medicines, one of the first things that pops up in your mind is Mother Tincture. Due to their quick medical action and high herbal extract efficacy, mother tinctures are widely used in treating a wide range of illnesses, including the most complex ones.

What is mother tincture?

A mother tincture is a precise combination of a plant extract and a defined amount of alcohol. Traditionally, a variety of allergies, infections, toxicities, autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses, as well as acute illnesses were treated using homeopathic mother tinctures. In the next section, you will learn how homeopathic mother tinctures are manufactured at Bakson. Bakson Mother Tinctures are considered one of the best and major natural herbal remedies.

How is mother tincture prepared?

Let us now see how mother tincture is prepared at Bakson Pharmaceuticals - A leading Manufacturer of Homeopathic Medicines.

a). Mother Tinctures are prepared in accordance with pharmacopeial standards through maceration as well as percolation.

b). With the use of an electronic infrared moisture analyzer, the moisture content is accurately estimated.

c). The fresh plant is washed, coarsely chopped, and then combined with the required amount of Extra neutral alcohol plus purified water in accordance with the Pharmacopoeias.

d). The whole mass is then macerated with daily stirring to maximise exposure of the plant material to the menstruum.

e). Once the liquid has been decanted from it, the plant material is again hydraulically pressed to remove all of the active constituents from it.

f). In order to produce the tincture, the liquid is lastly filtered via SS micropore filters.

g). Mother tinctures' natural colours are retained using strict standards. In order to ensure that the finished product meets the necessary requirements, it is next tested for:

  • Colour
  • Aroma
  • pH
  • Total solids
  • Density
  • Alcohol concentration

h). The produced mother tinctures are next tested for quality compliance with defined specifications using thin layer chromatography and UV Spectrophotometry.

  • Thin Layer Chromatography is a potential as well as rapid analysis of herbal extracts for their active constituents.
  • UV spectrophotometry locates the exact wavelengths that correlate to maximal absorption and is used to examine or identify various compounds.

i). The tincture is stored in a Neutral Glass Bottle in a temperature-controlled space that is shielded from light after it is prepared.

What is the difference between mother tincture and dilution in homoeopathy?

Mother tincture represents the most fresh form of manufacture but every dilution comes from a mother tincture. Compared to mother tinctures, the homoeopathic treatment that has been potentised has a stronger effect on the body. According to homoeopaths, the more you dilute a medicine, the stronger it gets. Mother tinctures, however, are capable of relieving discomfort but cannot permanently treat any condition. The crucial point is that, depending on the state, both the mother tincture and dilution potencies have strong curative power.

What are some prominent mother tincture benefits?

While mother tincture has a wide range of benefits, we've included some of the common ailments below, for which mother tinctures can be helpful:

  • Excess weight: Phytolacca mother tincture is useful for assisting with weight loss in cases of excess weight. Phytolacca mother tincture functions by accelerating the process of burning fat and lowering metabolic rates.
  • Dandruff: Some popular mother tinctures, such as Badiaga and Cochlearia armoracia, are applied topically to a scalp that is prone to dandruff. They might also aid in reducing dryness as well as soreness of the scalp.
  • High Blood Pressure: Lycopus virginica and Baryta muriaticum are two powerful mother tinctures that can be used to treat high blood pressure. When consumed with one glass of water two times a day after meals, it has been shown to be useful in preserving normal blood pressure levels.
  • Baldness: Jaborandi, as well as alcohol, are combined to make a mother tincture that is said to stop hair loss. It is frequently applied on the scalp after being mixed with hair oils.
  • Burns & Scalds: Apis mellifica and Cantharis are great mother tinctures that help to minimise the burning and stinging in burnt and sometimes even scalded skin. These mother tinctures often offer relief when used topically in ointment base.

Effective mother tincture uses

  • It is utilised as a palliative treatment in various conditions.
  • Compared to other medications, it acts quite quickly. It begins to work within 3 to 4 minutes and keeps working for several hours.
  • Mother tinctures contain alcohol which is easily absorbed by our digestive system.
  • Mother tinctures are highly safe because of their minimum potency.

Some of the most prominent Bakson Mother Tinctures are:


Mother tinctures possess a heap of impressive benefits- from treating metabolic issues like obesity to skin illnesses including acne, scalds, and burn injuries. One of the most well-known mother tincture manufacturers is Bakson, which produces mother tinctures using high-quality, standard raw materials to provide you the greatest possible extraction for better action of the remedy. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out our Mother Tinctures now!