“Shikakai is good for hair”- one hears this a lot in Indian households. It’s a piece of advice from our grandmothers, especially to young girls of the family. But what is Shikakai?

Shikakai in ayurveda is a dry fruit and plant that is native to South Asia. Shikakai has been used since the time of ancient India, and is often traditionally referred to as ‘Fruit for the hair’.

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts of India, the pods, leaves as well as bark of Shikakai are enriched with multivitamins. Not only is Shikakai good for hair, but it also boosts natural hair growth and enriches the scalp with natural oils.

Shikakai has antimicrobial properties which help in healing minor wounds and cuts.

Shikakai benefits for hair

Shikakai prolongs the natural health and life of hair. It makes hair naturally shiny and thick. The Ayurvedic strengthening properties of Shikakai helps in strengthening the hair. For people with dry hair it moisturizes the scalp, thereby preventing dandruff.

The natural antioxidant properties of Shikakai prevent lice. Shikakai brings back youthful hair growth in adults of all ages. One’s hair treated regularly with Shikakai remains black and shiny much more than his/her peers who don’t use Shikakai.

A Shikakai hair pack is therapeutic, especially when used with curd in summers. It provides much-needed cool relief to your head in the Indian Summer heat.

A less known benefit of Shikakai is its ability to lower and balance the pH level of the scalp. This checks the dryness and roughness of hair without depriving the hair of its essential oils.

Shikakai is completely organic. It regulates your hair health and is a way to ensure profound hair growth.

Further, Shikakai is also beneficial in winters. Due to its balancing properties it helps in improving the hair texture and volume. It removes extra greasiness and at the same time avoids irritation or inflammation of the scalp. It removes excessive dirt from hair.

Ways to use Shikakai Powder for hair

A lot of people ask the question of how to use shikakai for hair so in this section we will answer the frequently asked question of how to use shikakai powder for hair.

1. The Hair-Mask

Shikakai powder can be made into a thick paste by using curd and water and then put on the hair like a “hair-mask”.

Let it stay for an hour and a half and then wash it off with cold water. Make sure to apply a bit of coconut oil after washing your hair in case your scalp is naturally very dry.

2. The Anti-Dandruff Pack

Another way to use Shikakai is to mix it with Neem leaf powder into a thick paste and apply it to the hair. Once this “hair-pack” is dry, wash it off with cold water.

3. The Shiny Hair Pack

For this, you would need Shikakai powder, reetha powder, and amla powder. Mix it all into a thick paste using water and then apply the same on to your hair. Once it is dry, wash it off with cold water. This pack also helps women to get frizz-free hair thereby helping to avoid entanglement of hair.

4. The Oily Hair Shikakai Pack

This pack requires mixing shikakai powder with green gram powder and a bit of methi powder. For a better and more consistent paste, use these powders and mix them with egg whites until a lather-like consistency is formed. This paste proves beneficial for properly cleansing the hair. It removes dirt and unclogs the hair follicles.

5. The Shikakai Oil

To make this, mix the shikakai powder with coconut oil and let it rest in a cool and dry place for about 2-3 days so that both the ingredients form consistency by infusing into each other. Then, apply the same to your hair scalp regularly. Another way to make this pack is to additionally use turmeric powder which will boost the anti-inflammation properties of the paste and provide a soothing effect on your hair scalp.

Shikakai is a boon for all age groups of men and women. One can use Shikakai in one’s daily lifestyle as a supplement for hair growth, prolonging hair life as well as promoting a profound hair growth devoid of any harmful agents.

Shikakai Hair Shampoo

In today’s busy lifestyle with 9 - 5 corporate jobs, juggling family life, household chores and raising children, it is very hard to find the time to make hair remedies from Shikakai at home. We will now go into how to use shikakai powder as a shampoo in everyday use.

The most convenient way to utilize Shikakai with all the above-mentioned benefits is to use Shikakai Shampoo to have flawless hair. The Shikakai Shampoo is a highly beneficial and safe to use shampoo that is a convenient and effective way to have healthy and shiny hair.

Not only does it give a silky smoothness to hair, but it also prolongs hair life, promotes hair growth, and that too, without any known side effects. Shikakai Hair Shampoo is friendly on the pocket, and can be used like any other therapeutic shampoo. Start a new hair regime for shinier, longer and stronger locks with Shikakai Shampoo.