Overview of Back Pain

Lower back stiffness and pain are common issues faced by every individual today, thanks to the unhealthy lifestyle the present generation chooses to adopt. Professional practitioners have speculated that more than 80% of the worldwide population experiences back pain at least once in a lifetime.

It is characterized by an excruciating stinging sensation experienced in the muscles or ligaments around the lower back area. It can render the person immobile for some time, which hinders them from achieving their daily responsibilities. The issues related to lower back stiffness and pain have been prevalent in the society for quite some time now.

Lower back stiffness and pain could be indicative of other underlying health issues.For instance, problems in the kidney, damage in discs of the spinal cord, poor physical health, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. might lead to lower back pain in the long run.

If you experience back pain frequently, maybe you are straining your muscles too much, or perhaps there are some profound complications with the skeletal tissues. Hence, getting appropriate screening tests done would be wise. While aging is one of the most common causes of back pain, several other internal and external reasons for back pain exist as well. Let us now identify the causes of lower back pain in detail in the subsequent sections.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Being overweight can also result in frequent back pain. The vulnerability is enhanced if you have weak bones or an overall weakness in the body. Some of the most common causes of back pain are a rupture in the muscle or ligament of the back and injury to soft tissues. This can occur due to severe and prolonged strain on the back. Some other causes of the injury are:-

a) Physical activities:

When you are not accustomed to lifting heavy materials, and you are asked to do so, you may experience back pain after heavy lifting, especially if your back was exposed to the stress for a prolonged period. If you are not careful, you might end up rupturing a muscle while lifting. You can strain your muscles while jumping or pushing heavy objects like a bed or a sofa too. Injuries may also incur while exercising.

b) Bad body posture:

Wrong body posture can be a cause of severe back pain. If you have the tendency to sit while creating a bend in the spine in the forward direction, it puts a strain on your back. Similarly, sleeping in a crooked position or walking with a slouch can also cause soft tissue injuries.

c) Inactivity:

If you are inactive, your muscles and bones will eventually weaken. Therefore, it is essential to remain active and to follow an efficient diet plan to avoid back pain.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, chronic or acute illnesses can be the cause of severe back pain as well. Some of them are:

d) Disc related complications:

Discs are ligaments that lie between each vertebra. They are shock absorbing cushions. When they dislocate or rupture, they cause agonizing back pain. An MRI scan can help in the diagnosis of a dislocated disc.

e) Arthritis of Joints:

A corrosion in the cartilage tissue of the joints in the spine's backside is called osteoarthritis. This causes perpetual back pain leading to spinal stenosis.

f) Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis:

Cervical Spondylosis is another commonly faced issue which affects individuals with age due to wear and tear of the spinal discs present in the neck. Lumbar Spondylosis is another popular lower back issue which has affected millions of people around the world. Availing of Homeopathy for back pain in such a situation can be a safe and healthier alternative.

g) Osteoporosis:

When vertebrae sustain fractures or cracks, the spine becomes brittle and weak. The situation inevitably hurts the back.

Other causes of back pain can be tight muscles in the hip (Tight hip flexors) and the thigh region (Tight hamstrings).

Homeopathic Remedies for Back pain

Homeopathy is one of the best treatments for back pain. Its remedies are based on rigorous and robust scientific data collected after years of empirical studies. Homeopathy treatment is an endeavor to cure the disease by attacking the underlying causes rather than just easing the pain. Some homeopathy medicines which can be used for back pain are:

  • Aesculus,
  • Bryonia,
  • Arnica montana,
  • Natrum muriaticum,
  • Calcarea carbonica,
  • Calcarea phosphorica,
  • Rhus toxicodendron,
  • Nux vomica
  • Sulphur.

Although the treatment goes on for a long period, its medicines have no side effects, unlike allopathy. Hence, opting for homeopathy for back pain is safe and secure for people of all age groups.

Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be eased and treated with regular exercising. Here are some of the best exercises for back pain relief:-

Trunk Rotation First, lie on your back. Bend your knees while your feet lay flat on the ground. Now, in short, and relaxed side arcs, rotate your knees. Knee to chest Lie on the back as you slowly bring one of the knees towards your chest. You can fetch the other knee to hug the chest too. However, you should not do it simultaneously. Hold the position for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds. Note: feeling a comforting stretch in the lower region of the back is a positive sign. Hamstring Stretch First, you have to lie on your back. Pull a knee up towards the chest. While doing so, intertwine your fingers behind the knee. Lastly, lift the foot to feel a subtle comforting stretch in your back. Maintain the position for half a minute or one minute and repeat with the second foot at least two times. Hip Flexor Stretch Bend and lift your knee to hug it against your chest as you lie flat on the bed facing the roof/sky. Drop the second leg off the bed's edge Hold the position for half a minute approximately. Change the legs and repeat thrice daily.


Back pain is a common problem in contemporary times. However, it can be eased by following the above-listed best exercises for back pain relief. If the problem persists, going to a physician, preferably homeopathic, is advisable.

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