For those of us with sensitive skin - every season has its own types of skin woes. While summers and winters can have your skin feeling flushed and itchy, the monsoons' skin rashes can have you feeling irritated and restless. To make matters worse, skin rashes often make themselves felt in the evenings, particularly during bedtime.

Losing sleep over a skin rash can make you feel less than cheerful all day long. So if your skin is prone to itching, inflammation and  rashes, it’s time to tone up your skin routine so that you stop rashes and itching altogether. Using the right soap for skin rashes like Bakson Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap is just one way to prevent rashes. But there are more steps that you can take which we will mention later.

Why do I get skin rashes?

The answer to the burning question that makes you itch has more than one factor to it. Rashes can be caused by allergens, infections, or immune system disorders. Certain plants can also cause rashes if you come in contact with them. Insect bites can also aggravate the skin and cause rashes.

Allergies that cause rashes are of two types. You can get an allergy from something that you have eaten or something that you have touched. Certain harsh soaps and lotions can also cause allergic reactions and rashes, so make sure that you use the right soap for skin rashes to not occur.

When it comes to chronic rashes, the most common type is known as Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. The symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis is itchy irritation on the skin, usually on the arms and behind the knees. It is accompanied by red inflammation and tiny bumps over the affected area. Psoriasis forms rough itchy patches on the arms, face or legs.

Rashes are more prone during the heights of summer heat and during the monsoon when the skin is exposed to excess humidity and moisture. During this time you can use a moisturizing and gentle soap like Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap to prevent a rash.

What can I do to reduce the risk of rashes?

Rashes can be very uncomfortable, so naturally you would want to avoid them at all costs during this season. Ofcourse, the best way to avoid a rash is to ensure that your skin is not exposed to harsh heat, humidity or excessive moisture that can seep below the upper layers of the skin and trigger a rash.

During the winters ensure that you moisturize often. This can ensure that your skin does not develop cracks through which contaminants can enter and cause a rash.

Prevent rashes during the summer

Keep your skin cool during the summer by switching on the fan or AC in the hot weather. Try to keep your skin free from sweat and shower with cool water after a workout to wash away sweat that may collect in the folds of your skin. A prickly heat powder can do wonders to protect your skin from summer rashes. Insects are rampant in the summer so use a bug spray or insect repellent.

Preventing rashes in the monsoon

During the rainy season getting wet on a daily basis can be inevitable. It’s the perfect condition to trigger a rash, so taking precautions is necessary.

Change out of wet clothes after the rains as soon as possible to avoid developing rashes. Rain water can be harmful to your skin due to pollutants, so it is strongly suggested that you shower after coming in from the rain. Change your socks often and dust your feet with an anti-bacterial powder to prevent skin infections and rashes.

How can I treat a rash the quick and effective way?

If you have a rash there are some things that you can do to treat the itchiness, redness and inflammation. Here is a checklist of what you can do to get relief from a rash and prevent its spread.

  • Do not itch! Itching will aggravate the rash and cause it to spread. Avoid itching a rash and in most cases it won't progress.
  • If the rash has been caused by something you have touched a gentle cleanser will offer some relief.
  • Apply a cold compress to the affected area. You can also pour cool water over the rash to reduce the burning sensation.
  • If you have a rash do not apply any cosmetics or lotions in that area.
  • Do not cover a rash, and expose it to air so that it can improve.
  • Aloe vera gel, tea tree and coconut oil are good ointments to treat a rash.
  • Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat a rash.

The best soap for preventing rashes this season

If you love your skin and give your skin only the best then rely on Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap to prevent rashes, irritation and dryness during the summer, winter and monsoons.

Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap for skin rashes is a natural soap for all skin types, but especially therapeutic for dry, flaky or itchy skin. Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap benefits include having anti-aging properties that firms the skins and improves the elasticity. It lightens the skin tone and does not dry it while doing so like other soaps that claim to be mild on skin. It has excellent benefits for skin that is prone to rashes and is the best soap for smooth and soft skin.

With regular use of Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap your skin will be free from rashes and the conditions that trigger them. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and are inspired to take extra special care to prevent rashes. Keep reading for more natural remedies and tips for your health and beauty from Bakson.