Our bones and teeth are our lifelong companions. Yet, we often take them for granted in our youth, only realizing their value in our golden years. Since our teeth do not regrow and our bones can only repair themselves to a certain extent, we need to take exceptionally good care of our set.

Let’s begin with understanding a little more about your body’s calcium requirement and then you will understand what causes low calcium levels and how a calcium tonic like Bakson Calci Plus Suspension for adults can improve your health and protect your bones, teeth and muscles.

In our youth we enjoy the benefits of strong bones, teeth and healthy joints. Ofcourse, as we age and start to develop teeth, bone and joint complications we wish that we had done more to protect them.

In this article, we will give you more information about how you can strengthen your bones and teeth, so that in your golden years you will reap the benefits of having cared for its upkeep.


Your body and its requirement for Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that we absorb from nutrition in our diet. At different stages of your life, your requirement for calcium fluctuates. During your childhood your requirement for calcium was high, as these were your growing years when calcium played an important role in bone growth and development as well as teeth growth.

Calcium is required for the development of muscles. Calcium plays a vital role in the contraction of muscles and plays a role in the cardiovascular system and heart health. Calcium is also important so that arteries and veins maintain their elasticity and strength. All of these factors but this is not the last. Calcium also regulates the production of enzymes for cellular health and respiration.

Calcium requirements for women

If you are a woman, calcium requirements increase at different stages of your life. Women who reach menopause have a heightened requirement for calcium to counter ostreoporosis which older women have a higher risk of developing. Pregnant women have to increase their calcium intake to supplement the need that the developing fetus has for calcium and their own health.

As calcium is a mineral, your body needs to receive a prescribed amount everyday. Apart from this, the ability of your body to be able to absorb calcium is also important. Having the required amount of calcium in your blood is another factor that you must be aware of.

Calcium deficiencies and their symptoms

The medical term for calcium deficiency is Hypocalcemia. It has a number of symptoms and affects the strength of the bones and teeth, as well as the muscles and cardiovascular health. Calcium deficiencies occur when there is not enough calcium in the blood. Deficiencies can be treated with a calcium tonic for adults.

Are you suffering from the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

Calcium deficiencies affect people of all ages, and the symptoms are progressive, which means they may not be evident from the very beginning. If you suffer from any of the below symptoms you should consult with a doctor to take a blood test.

Here are some of the symptoms of calcium deficiency:

  • Calcium deficiency leads to various muscle problems such as muscle, aches, spasms, and pain in thighs and arms while walking or moving. In cases of severe calcium deficiency, it could lead to extreme problems such as convulsions, arrhythmias, or death.
  • Extreme fatigue is also a calcium deficiency symptom. Extreme fatigue includes lack of energy, sluggishness and also leads to insomnia.
  • Deficiency of calcium can also lead to nail and skin symptoms such as dry skin, coarse hair, psoriasis, dry or brittle nails, eczema, or alopecia.
  • Having a lot of calcium can also lead to osteopenia, where the mineral density reduces in the bones. Whereas, extreme deficiency of calcium can lead to osteoporosis, the thinning of bones and becoming vulnerable to fractures.
  • Calcium level deficiency can also directly be linked to severe PMS or premenstrual syndrome.
  • Calcium deficiency can lead to dental problems since our teeth are made up of calcium. Some of the dental problems caused due to calcium deficiency are tooth decay, brittle teeth, irritated gums, and weak tooth roots.
  • The study has found that calcium deficiency can also lead to mood disorders including depression.

Therefore, the importance of calcium in the human body is very vital to have a smooth functioning of our muscles and health.

After knowing the symptoms of calcium deficiency and how it can affect one's body, One major question that pops up is,” how to overcome calcium deficiency?”.

Foods that supplement your body with calcium

The first thing that you need to do to combat calcium deficiency is to increase your dietary intake of calcium.

It’s important to note that besides eating more calcium rich foods you can increase your intake of Vitamin D to improve the absorption of calcium. A good supplement for Vitamin D is Bakson Vitamin D Plus capsules that match your daily needs without side effects and improves the absorption of calcium.

Foods that are rich in calcium are:

  • Milk, and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, shakes and curds.
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and okra.
  • Soya beans and soya milk
  • Baked foods that are made from fortified flour like bread

Apart from increasing your dietary intake of calcium, taking a calcium syrup for adults can give you better results for fulfilling your calcium needs. Homeopathic calcium supplements are specially formulated so that your body gets the exact amount of calcium that it requires to perform better and maintain its health.

Bakson Calci Plus Suspension by the Bakson group is a very reliable calcium syrup for adults and children that can be consumed for the prevention and treatment of low calcium levels, weak bones, acid indigestion, as well as an upset stomach.

This tonic includes important minerals such as calcium carbonate, vitamin D3 and zinc gluconate which are very important for strengthening bones and preventing calcium deficiency. They also help in the maintenance of blood calcium and phosphorus levels and are a nutritional supplement too. Therefore the intake of calcium is vital for the human body in order to have stronger bones and a smooth cardiovascular system.