Overview about Piles

Piles is referred to a cluster of swollen tissues or blood vessels that protrude in the anus or outside it. The youth of the country is especially getting more prone to different types of piles due to the degrading standard of living. Several investigations draw attention to an exponential rise in the occurrence of piles worldwide. Most of them suggest that two thirds of the population experience piles at some point of time.

Although hemorrhoids are not a life threatening condition in itself, it must be treated so that they don't grow. Let us see its types and causes followed by symptoms. We will subsequently also answer the common question, "Is homeopathy effective for piles?".

Types of Piles (Internal and External)

They are categorized as external piles and internal piles, referring to their location at the anus. Before learning about the best treatment for piles we must see the types of piles.

a) External piles

These types of piles occur on the outer skin of the rectum or anus. External piles do not only cause discomfort or bleeding but also agonizing pain. They are sensitive and cause itching.

b) Internal piles

Internal piles occur inside the anal cavity. They are further divided into four different types of piles on the basis of their severity:

1. Grade 1:

Protrusions of these piles stay within the canal.

2. Grade 2:

When you excrete, they tend to move outside due to the bowel movement. Nevertheless, they go inside again without needing any intervention.

3. Grade 3:

The projections of these piles start to come out when you excrete and require you to force them inside.

4. Grade 4:

These piles come out and do not go in. The patient needs to undergo surgery.

Causes and symptoms of piles

There are multiple causes and symptoms of piles. The root cause of piles is disturbances in the activity of the digestive system. Today, the issue is increasing because of the unhealthy consumption of oily and junk food. People neglect the intake of fibers and healthy fluids and instead opt for carbonated drinks or gluttonous fried foods.

Sometimes piles occur due to pregnancy or periods in women. They are accompanied by symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating flatulence, or constipation. Many of the causes and symptoms of piles can be controlled by changing our dietary habits and regular exercising. It all depends entirely on the will of the person.

Piles treatment in homeopathy

Today, people hesitate to take hemorrhoids homeopathic medicine even though homeopathy is the most harmless form of medication. Homeopathic treatment methods are devised only after extensive research and investigations. They are one of the most recommended treatments for piles.

After availing homeopathic medicine for bleeding piles, the chances of reoccurrence reduce drastically, since the treatment directly affects the root cause of piles. Since it essentially uses natural ingredients, the treatment takes time. Below is a list of some effective treatments:-

a) Aesculus hippocastanum

This medicine uses horse chestnuts to cure piles. This natural ingredient dilutes the blood. A direct result is a decrease in swelling, which eases the pain. Patients who complain of a stinging sensation while excreting or report that they feel that a lump is formed in the rectum are prescribed the hemorrhoids homeopathic medicine.

b) Aloe vera treatment

When the lumps formed due to hemorrhoids cluster in like a bunch of grapes, it may cause a constant stinging sensation. This condition brings diarrhea or gas with it. Bloating is also reported. In such cases, aloe vera is used in treatment. The doctor may ask the client to make cold compressors soaked in aloe vera and use them in the affected area.

c) Pulsatilla

Yet another effective piles treatment in homeopathy, pulsatilla is commonly referred to as pasque flower. It is instrumental in doing away with piles that are itchy and painful. Treating hemorrhoids which are due to menses or pregnancy is easy with this.

d) Nux vomica

This is a tree whose seeds are found to be effective for treating digestion-related disorders. It relieves piles when the root cause is lethargy or bad dietary habits like gluttony, preference for extremely spicy meals.

e) Sulfur

Sulfur treats an inflamed anus. This is a homeopathic medicine for bleeding piles, which come in combination with distressed feeling in the abdominal area or bloating.

f) Arnica montana

Sometimes piles cause a bruised feeling, which is accompanied by soreness. The plant, Arnica montana, also called wolf's bane, has medicinal properties that ease the pain. It inhibits helenalin and dihydro helenalin, which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

g) Graphites

Graphite is a natural substance that is used to cure dry stools and offer relief from constipation. The heavy or full feeling in the abdominal region that accompanies inflammation and itching in the rectum is addressed by this remedy. Hopefully we were able to satisfy you with our e answer to “Is homeopathy effective for piles?”.


Piles or hemorrhoids are rooted in the digestive system's malfunctioning. Although they can go away on their own, homeopathy can be the best treatment for piles. It may take some time to act, but at least you can rest assured that there would not be any side effects. Moreover, the treatment is generally non-invasive and affordable.

For the most effective and swift results, a timely interjection of a homeopath is advisable. It is important to emphasize that even though the medicines have no side effects, you must never take the tablets without the supervision of a licensed practitioner. Bakson offers the best piles treatment in homeopathy.