Taking medications can be scary. The terrible side effects of various medications have made us hesitant to believe in just any medication available, and rightly so. The need and desire to have a medicine that does not have any side effects and would still work just as well as we want it to seems too good to be true these days.

But what if I tell you that it is completely possible?

The rise of homeopathy in the medical field has evolved the process of medications completely. With almost zero probability of any severe adverse reactions to your health, homeopathy happens to be the safest mode of treatment out there today. But with benefits so good, we often doubt the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Many people might wonder if homeopathic medicines are just a mind bluff, and do not work. Let us face this doubt of whether or not this medication would work for you or not by understanding what is homeopathy and how does it work, and answering the most asked question of all times- does homeopathy work?

Understanding what is homeopathy and how does it work

The basic premise and the system of belief upon which the whole system of homeopathy is built is the fact that our bodies heal themselves. Thus the homeopathic medicines are simply stimulants to give the healing process of our bodies a boost. The stimulation in the body is brought about by the process of 'iron cutting iron'-i.e., the substance that is responsible for your deteriorating physical health would be cured by itself only under homeopathic treatments.

This might sound a bit confusing, but it is not. For instance, take the example of the recent Covid vaccine that is being used to prevent any further infection of this global disease. Along with the many ingredients in the composition of the vaccine, one of the major components is the Covid virus itself.

Yes, Covid has been injected into you during vaccination. The only difference between getting vaccinated and getting infected is that while injecting the Covid virus, it is actually in a dead state. The only reason for the use of the dead Covid virus in the vaccine is to stimulate the shielding process of our bodies.

Our bodies are capable enough to fight off the covid virus by themselves. And by introducing the dead virus in our body, the defense system analyses and recognizes how to defeat it. Since the virus is dead, it can do no damage to us. Meanwhile, the defense system of our body understands how to battle the virus and can defeat it effortlessly because the virus is already dead. Now when the living virus attacks our bodies, our defense system and the team of white blood cells are already prepared to battle it.

The exact concept is used in homeopathy. When you see a homeopathic doctor for treatment of any disease, the doctor would ask you about all the symptoms and problems that you are facing and prescribe you a medicine that holds the remedy to battle your condition in the best way possible.

Does homeopathic medicine really work?

For anyone who does not believe in the working of homeopathy, I would not put the entire blame on them. All of it indeed sounds too good to be true. In such a case, people might ask, “Does homeopathy really work?”

Here are a few points which you might want to tell someone who doubts the effectiveness of homeopathy:

A. Successful RCT (Randomised Control Trials):

RCT trials are one of the most reliable clinical trials to prove the efficiency of medicines out there. The volunteers during this trial are divided amongst various groups, and they are not aware of what kind of medication they are receiving. The results concluded the positive effectiveness of homeopathic medicine to be 41%, while only 5% of the RCT cases showed failed effectiveness of homeopathic medicine.

B. Not just the placebo effect:

One of the main criticisms and reasons behind asking “does homeopathic medicine really work?” is that people tend to fall for the placebo effect. They argue that there is no medicinal value of homeopathy medicines, but just the psychological effects on the patient’s mind . However, this argument is flawed due to various reasons.

Homeopathy medicines have not just been used on adults with a sense to embrace the placebo effect, but also upon children and animals. The latter two have no clue about any psychological effects of homeopathy, hence they should not be benefiting from this treatment at all according to the argument put forward.

However, be it acute or chronic, children and animals have been observed to improve their medical conditions while taking homeopathic medicines. So does homeopathic medicine really work? Yes, it does.

C. Studies prove its safety:

There are numerous studies to prove the efficiency and safety of homeopathy. Both clinical and non-clinical studies have concluded that there is a reason why this form of treatment has survived for as much as over 250 years.

Final Overview

Therefore, the answer to the question “does homeopathy really work?” is in fact, a Yes! This is the reason why more and more people today are placing their trust in homeopathy- safety. With almost no side effects and zero mixed toxins, the patients can take the prescribed homeopathic pills without worrying about developing an allergic reaction to them.

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