Holi is known as the festival of colors and happiness, celebrated throughout the country by millions of citizens. With all the fun also comes the responsibility of taking care of your own body and hair.

One needs to take certain precautionary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their hair. As the artificial colors used to play Holi have various chemicals and toxic effluents, various kinds of infections and skin diseases can haunt you if you don’t protect your hair and skin.

As the festival is just around the corner, here are some hair care tips that will help you enjoy the festival and still prevent any unnecessary damage. We will divide the section into two parts to help you take care of your hair in the most efficient manner possible. Here are the hair care tips for Holi.

Hair Care before Holi

1. Remove split ends from hair

Before starting with the festivities ensure that you chop off any split ends formed in your hair. As synthetic colors damage the scalp and hair which causes the formation of split ends, it's better to get rid of them before you engage with any Holi-related activities. This is the first step for optimal hair care before Holi.

2. Wash and rinse your hair properly

Washing and rinsing your hair thoroughly before you step out to play Holi is also very important. You can use shampoo and a conditioner to provide your hair with extra strength and nourishment for the next day. This doesn’t only clean your scalp from any preexisting unwanted dust particles but also prepares your hair for what's about to come.

3. Apply oil

Massaging your hair with oil the night before provides an extra layer of security and nourishment for your hair. Furthermore, it prevents synthetic colors from penetrating your scalp and hair roots. Oiling your hair not only strengthens its foundation but also makes it easier for you to wash off the colors.

Arnica oil helps you have healthy hair and also controls hair loss in individuals. Using arnica oil to massage your scalp before indulging in the Holi festivities can help you prevent any unforeseen damage to your hair. Oiling is the right answer to the question of how to protect hair during Holi

4. Cover your hair

To prevent direct damage to your hair you can also use a scarf or a bandanna to cover up your hair. Covering up your hair will protect your scalp and also won't allow for the colors to be absorbed easily. It's always recommended to not keep your hair open during Holi, you can tie them up into a bun or tight ponytails.

Hair Care After Holi

1. Comb your hair thoroughly

Once you are done with the activities related to the festival it is advised for you to comb your hair before washing it. This removes any dry colors stuck in your hair and also gets rid of any other debris or unwanted particles. Your hair could also get tangled up and form knots because of direct exposure to synthetic colors and water, combing it once it also straightens it.

2. Wash your hair without a shampoo first

Many people are confused about how to remove Holi color from hair. Washing your hair with just water until colors stop flowing from your head is recommended before using any other products such as a shampoo or a conditioner. You must continue washing your hair until the water is running clear in your shower. This should be done to ensure proper hair care after Holi.

3. Shampoo your hair properly

After washing the colors with just water it's time to apply mild shampoo to your hair to cleanse your scalp. Run your fingers through your scalp to ensure any colors stuck to the base of your head get removed. Using Almond with Aloevera extract Shampoo is very beneficial for your hair health and also makes it easier for the removal of synthetic colors from your scalp. Massage the Almond Shampoo gently into the wet hair and scalp and then wash it off with cold water to see optimal results.

4. Hair mask

As your hair was in contact with various kinds of harmful substances and chemicals. Thus, it's now time for you to deeply cleanse and rinse your hair with the assistance of Bakson Sunny Herbals Hair Pack. Your hair needs extra care after Holi. Proceed to apply hair masks every alternative day for a week to obtain favorable results.

5. Oiling

Yes, you need to oil your hair again, your hair is in dire need of extra nourishment post-Holi. Oiling is wonderful for your hair and helps in the hair recovery process. Using arnica oil on your hair provides sheen to lackluster hair and provides valuable vitamins and nutrients to the scalp and hair.

6. Haircut

Depending on your hair type you can opt to go for a haircut as the cutting off of damaged hair would result in healthier hair taking its place. If not, with a complete haircut you can also get the ends of your hair trimmed in order to have a more elegant look.

Final Overview

The festival of Holi has been around for centuries and it's our birthright to enjoy and make the most out of it. Holi is celebrated with colors and water; it's been this way for as long as one can remember. There are a lot of synthetic products in the market that are being used in celebrating Holi.

This makes taking precautionary measures even more critical during the festivities. Hair is especially vulnerable during the Holi season. Bakson hair care products have all the optimal products to ensure your hair’s safety and health.

Their hair care products are of the highest quality and are made of natural ingredients, using them can lessen the chance of hair damage during the festival of Holi. Follow the aforementioned steps and make the most out of your Holi season without any damage to your hair. These simple steps will act as your guidebooks for healthy hair before and after Holi.