Have you ever had a bad hair day in the summer? Think about these situations.

You’re getting ready for work and you find that your hair is dry and fizzy; it wont style. Or soon after leaving your home you notice your hair for the day is sun damaged and feels dull, rough and faded.

The sun has a way of sucking the moisture out of your hair. Summer can have many bad hair days in succession. This can be a problem, because this season is when you want to show off your best summer styles, but your hair wont let you.

Summer hair problems

People suffer from common hair problems when it comes to the health of their hair during the summer. The sun is unforgiving to everyone during the summer. Luckily for you, there are some ways to shade your hair from this harsh summer with these summer hair care tips.

Are you suffering from any of these summer hair problems?

  • Dry hair
  • Dandruff
  • Hair thinning and hair loss
  • Dull lifeless hair
  • Heat damaged hair
  • Split ends
  • Greasy hair

Reasons for bad hair days during the summer

The most common reason for hair problems during the summer is how to take care of hair in summer. The drying effect of the humidity and temperature takes a huge toll. Your hair care routine or your shampoo may be drying out your hair. Other reasons could also include the harsh rise of pollution during the summer that causes a buildup of dust and residue on your scalp.

Chlorine in the water is another reason that your tresses may have lost their luster recently. Chlorine can be especially harsh during the summer, making hair dull, dry, brittle, unyielding and frizzy. Apart from the above possibilities there are a number of other reasons that your hair is behaving less than desirable during the summer months. The answer to this dilemma is the right hair care during summer.

In this article, we will acknowledge the common problems that people have with their hair during the summer. If you have any of these problems with your hair, we have a remedy for it.

Common summer hair problems and their remedies

Here’s a roundup of the hair problems you may be facing in the summer and how you can address them at home. Hair damage can be progressive, so the sooner you address them with the best hair care routine for summer, the better.


Dandruff can be a real problem during warmer months. A flaky scalp and contact itching can be very uncomfortable. There are a number of reasons for a spike in dandruff during the summer. These reasons could be the dry heat affecting your scalp, a poor diet that is not suitable for the season, or a slow metabolism. Here’s how your summer hair care routine should be to get rid of dandruff and restore your confidence.

Remedies for dandruff

The ideal shampoo moisturizes the scalp, washes away dirt and oil, unclogs the pores on the skin and strengthens the roots. If you want to be dandruff free, you may need to change your summer hair care routine.

Choose a shampoo that has ingredients like Arnica, Henna, etc. All three are known to wash away the conditions that cause dandruff. Jaborandi oil is a natural extract that cleans the hair from the root and prevents dandruff. It also reduces irritation and itchiness of the scalp.

Take it as an unwritten rule, but it is a matter of personal preference how often you want to shampoo your hair during the summer. Experts strongly suggest you rely on how oily your hair is feeling and how much you really need it for how often you should shampoo your hair. Shampooing too often can lead to recurring dandruff and a dry flaky scalp. Experts recommend Bakson Hair Aid External Drops as the best way to fight dandruff and itching.

Heat damaged hair

During the summer sometimes you notice that your hair feels dry and frizzy. This is typically caused because the protein layer that protects each strand of your hair has gotten damaged, and this prevents it from retaining moisture.

Heat damaged hair can manifest itself in many forms, such as dry hair, rough hair, dull hair or split ends. If you have heat damaged hair, you might find that your hair strands break easily.

Remedies for heat damaged hair

If you have split ends or hair that is frayed at the edges you can opt to get a trim which will restore the tips of your hair. You can also be more careful with how you handle your wet hair. It’s recommended to let your hair air out after a shower and dry naturally before combing it.

You could consider using an overnight hair mask for the best results. Use heating tools scarcely during the summer. Avoid using styling accessories like waxes, sprays and gels as these products do not react well to the summer heat.

Hair loss and hair thinning

No you’re not imagining it - maybe our scalp is actually a little more visible between your hair strands. This is known as hair thinning. Hair thinning is a natural part of aging, and on an average day a healthy scalp can shed upto a 100 strands of hair.

If you’re seeing an odd increase in the number of hair strands going down the drain, especially after you shampoo, you could be experiencing hair loss because of the summer months. All this is because of the build up of dirt, residue and oil on your hair foliage and scalp.

Remedies for summer hair loss

The best remedy for summer hair loss is giving your scalp extra tender and loving care. Avoid tying your hair during the summer or leave them loose. Avoid using tools like hair dryers and tools that use heat to style your hair like curlers. As far as possible, try not bleaching your hair or using hair colors. Use a brush with softer bristles to comb your hair. Use hair oil one hour before washing your hair. It can help trap in the moisture for longer after a shower.

Shampoos that contain natural ingredients like essential oils, especially the Jaborandi oil can be your best friend against hair fall. Jaborandi oil cleanses the scalp and washes away dirt and sebum from blocking the pores of the hair follicles. Jaborandi oil also prevents the premature graying of hair, making it a vital shampoo ingredient you can have in your shower cabinet. You can experience the healing properties of Jaborandi oil by using Bakson Hair Aid External Drops to stop Hair Fall.

Using an external drop that acts as a summer shield for your hair

If you’re looking for one product that can deliver all of the above results to your hair as mentioned above, shield it from the sun, prevent hair fall and combat itchiness, dryness and dandruff, look no farther than the wonder of homeopathy.

Homeopathy has some of the best hair care products for summer that are natural and have no side effects. They show results quickly and for all types of hair, be it curly, straight or wavy.

We recommend Bakson Hair Aid External Drops to do all the work for you. It is a completely natural compound that contains Jaborandi tincture to cleanse the scalp from extra sebum and prevent hair fall. It also contains the essential oils extracts from the Arnica plant, known as Arnica Montana. Arnica extract deeply washes and hydrates the scalp, clearing the delicate hair follicles of debris. It strengths individual hair follicles and replenishes it.

Bakson Hair Aid External Drops can be used with your regular shampoo. Just add a few drops to yur shampoo and use it as you usually would to stop hair loss, prevent split ends, soothe irritation and be clean of dandruff during the summer.