Fatigue is a constant feeling of tiredness in the body. It is very different from being lazy or simply feeling sleepy once in a while. Even though fatigue does not necessarily imply an underlying disease, the feeling of tiredness all day long can hamper our day-to-day activities.

A hint of fatigue is understandable after heavy stress on your body while you do physical activity. But when this condition of feeling tired all the time stays for a long period, it becomes a cause of concern.

But, what to do in situations when fatigue lasts days or even weeks? Let us understand the various causes and the remedies for fatigue.

Causes of fatigue

There can be various causes of fatigue, which may include:

a) Your way of life

The way you live your lifestyle says a lot about you. But it doesn’t only implicate who you are- a negative and unhealthy lifestyle can take a toll on your health, resulting in conditions such as fatigue. Unhealthy habits like intake of alcohol and drugs and lack of physical activity might result in fatigue. Likewise, even excessive physical activity can give rise to fatigue. The various causes of weakness and fatigue based on your lifestyle may also include the dosage of heavy medications.

b) Lack of sleep

Though it varies from person to person, an average person needs about 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you fail to provide your body with the rest that it needs, you sabotage your health yourself. Lack of sleep over some time can result in the condition of cumulative fatigue too. Lack of sleep does not allow our bodies to reset and restart for a productive day and hence results in tiredness.

c) Unhealthy diet

The causes of weakness and fatigue may also be due to an unhealthy diet. We all are well aware of the fact that our bodies are just like machines, and food is the fuel that we survive on. When we deprive ourselves of food or substitute healthy food items with junk food, we tend to work against the idea of getting all the energy that we need. Hence not eating in regular intervals or eating food items that lack nutrition values can also result in fatigue.

d) Iron deficiency

Since enough oxygen is not being supplied to the blood and organs, we do not obtain enough energy to function at our best potential. Iron deficiency can have many consequences, one such being the feeling of fatigue and tiredness all the time.

e) Thyroid

The condition of the thyroid takes a heavy toll on the physical state of a patient. Since the thyroid gland is responsible for the speed at which the body converts nutrients from food to energy, its inactive condition makes our body respond in negative ways. Since the metabolic processes move forward slowly, people tend to gain weight and develop fatigue.

f) Excessive intake of Coffee

As ironic as it may sound, excessive intake of coffee may result in fatigue as well. Even though many people drink a lot of coffee to drive away their laziness and be productive-and it might even work for some- little do they know about its consequences. Excessive intake of coffee has numerous setbacks like increased heart rate, blood pressure, and a sense of fatigue.

g) Dehydration and stress

Hydration and happiness are the two H’s of living a healthy life. The absence of either is bound to take a toll on your health for the worse. Hence dehydration as well as taking too much stress can also result in fatigue.

Home remedies for fatigue

The home remedies for fatigue include directly addressing the causes of its existence. For instance:

a) Take enough sleep:

Good sleep helps our body get fueled up and ready to face the day.

b) Exercise:

Small changes in your lifestyle can result in big benefits to you. One such change that you can bring in yourself is exercising. As mentioned above, the existence of fatigue can be due to excessive inactivity, hence make sure that you exercise at a routine.

c) Stay hydrated:

There are numerous benefits of drinking enough water. From glowing skin to getting rid of fatigue, enough hydration can help you achieve it all.

d) Avoid stress:

Taking too much stress can affect your mental health. This in turn can worsen your productivity due to the induced fatigue. One of the best home remedies for tiredness is to avoid stress and try to stay as happy as you can!

e) Food:

It is extremely essential to replace unhealthy food items with iron-rich food to avoid the feeling of fatigue. A healthy diet fuels us with all the energy that we need, hence improving your diet is one of the best home remedies for tiredness out there.

f) Avoid caffeine:

As I mentioned before, using coffee to boost your productivity can do you more harm than good. So the best way to fight fatigue is to ditch the caffeine and on to healthier options!

g) Start taking energy-boosting supplements:

Now that you are ready to ditch coffee, you must need an alternative to boost your energy. Alfavena malt by Backson group is the best energy-boosting is the best way to fight fatigue.

Final Overview

Fatigue is a condition that should never be overlooked. It hampers our daily activities and hence needs to be addressed as soon as it appears. Use these remedies for fatigue to be as productive as possible! Be sure to seek assistance from experts such as Bakson Group to receive immediate solutions related to Fatigue treatment. The expert Bakson team will guide you in every step of the way and help you to overcome issues related to excessive fatigue so that you lead a more healthy and productive life.