Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is naturally produced by the body. However the number of people suffering from Vitamin D deficiency has recently been found to be quite high. The prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency can be seen in children and the elderly alike. So if you suspect you suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, you could be right.

Vitamin D is produced in the body when you spend time in sunlight, and it is also absorbed from certain foods in your diet. The lack of vitamin D can have a number of symptoms ranging from deficiencies that affect your bones to loss of energy and stamina, weight loss and weakness. A homeopathic remedy which is also the best health supplement capsule for Vitamin D is Bakson Vitamin D Plus Capsules

In this article we will take you on a tour of what are the uses of vitamin D, how its deficiency can affect your body, and how you can treat vitamin D deficiency to escape the health consequences that follow if you haven't got enough of it.

Vitamin D is one of the most ignored vitamins, however its effects and influence can extend through your whole body. The first most important use of vitamin d is that it strengthens the bones and is used by the body to absorb and process calcium.

A deficiency of vitamin D in your body and diet can result in weaker bones and teeth. Women in general and pregnant women in particular have a heightened requirement of Vitamin D as it is necessary to avoid disorders like osteoporosis and also for the development of the baby in the womb.

Vitamin D also plays an important role in your muscle tone and strength. Vitamin D is prescribed for people who have muscle damage or are recovering from muscle wear and tear.

In children, a deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to rickets which deforms the limbs and can cause lifelong complications. A deficiency of Vitamin D in adults can result in a painful condition known as osteomalacia. Apart from these diseases, a deficiency of vitamin D can cause weaker bones and the risk of bone fractures.

Vitamin D boosts the immune system and shields you from viral and bacterial infections like the common cold and flus. Children and adults who suffer from vitamin D deficiency have a higher chance of falling ill more often.

Do I have a Vitamin D deficiency?

As mentioned above in this article, Vitamin d deficiency is becoming more common each day. Apart from not spending enough time in natural sunlight, a vitamin d deficiency can be caused by the body’s inefficiency in synthesizing the vitamin, or not eating enough food rich in Vitamin D.

If you suspect you suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, here is a checklist of the symptoms. If you suffer from two or more of these conditions, it is suggested that you take an opinion from a doctor. Acknowledging a deficiency and taking steps to counter it will have an immense improvement in your quality of life as you age.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Foods that are rich in Vitamin D

Spending 20 minutes a day in the sun can have a real impact on how much Vitamin D your body produces. However, this is not enough and supplementing your diet with Vitamin D rich foods can also ensure that you have healthy muscles and strong bones.

Here is a list of Vitamin D rich foods that you can add to your diet:

  • Fortified foods like cereals, shakes, and natural orange juice
  • Oily fish like sardines and salmon
  • Egg yolks and meat; also liver
  • Vegetables like spinach and mushrooms and fruits like oranges and bananas

Apart from these nutritious foods, you can also increase your Vitamin D intake with daily health supplement capsules.

Bakson Vitamin D Supplements

For a long time, doctors have known the importance of Vitamin D for increasing bone density, boosting the immunity and aiding in the swift recovery from illness.

Vitamin D can reduce in the body when a person is prescribed cholesterol medications or suffering from liver or kidney diseases and Vitamin D is necessary for a quick recovery from these illnesses. An ideal Supplement for this purpose is Bakson Vitamin D Plus Capsules. Bakson Vitamin D Plus benefits include supplementing Vitamin D along with calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

People suffering from Osteoporosis or low bone density can improve calcium absorption by taking Bakson Vitamin D Plus Capsules to strengthen their bones and improve the condition.

To get your daily dose of Vitamin D, spend at least 20-30 minutes in the sun. Hope you found the above information useful in understanding the importance that Vitamin D plays in healthy bones, muscles and immunity.