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    B12 PLUS TABLET - 3 x 10 TABLETS

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    Supports red blood cell formation, cell metabolism and nerve function. 

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    Brands: Bakson
    Pack Size : 3 x 10 Tabs

    Indications: Supports red blood cell formation, cell metabolism and nerve function. 

    Composition: Alpha Lipoic Acid (100 mg), Inositol (50 mg), Pantothenic acid (5 mg), Thiamine (1.4 mg), Folic acid (176.47 mcg), Pyridoxine HCL (1.9 mg), Cyanocobalamin (2.2 mcg).

    Dosage: One tablet daily after any meal with water or as directed by the physician.

    Contra-indication: None

    Side effects: No known side effects

    Expiry: 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Marketed in India by: Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    Disclaimer: The information provided herein on request, is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice or diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION.

    More Information

    Vitamin B plays an important role in maintaining good health and well-being. It has a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. While vitamin B is found in many foods, most people have a risk of developing a deficiency if they don't follow a balanced diet.

    Vitamin B is water soluble. This means that it dissolves in water and your body does not store it. For this reason, you need to consume it every day to replenish supplies. You may be more likely to need supplementation, if you are age 50 or above, pregnant, have chronic health conditions, or follow a strict plant-based diet.

    Bakson's B-12 Plus Tablets is a multivitamin formulation of the vitamin B complex (Cyanocobalamin, Thiamine, Folic acid, Pyridoxine HCL, and Pantothenic acid), along with inositol, and alpha lipoic acid. B vitamins play an essential role in converting carbohydrates to glucose, keeping you active and energized throughout the day. It helps in forming red blood cells, preventing cell damage, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. The tablet is safe and suitable for both men and women.

    Action of individual components

    Cyanocobalamin: Cyanocobalamin or vitamin B12 is needed to form red blood cells and DNA. It is also crucial for normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B12 may benefit your health in many ways, such as by giving you an energy boost, improving mood, preventing brain atrophy, memory loss, and anemia, improving heart health, and maintaining healthy skin and hair.

    Thiamine: Thiamine, also called vitamin B1, is essential for glucose metabolism and nerve, muscle, brain, and heart function. B1 is sometimes called an anti-stress vitamin because it may strengthen the immune system and improve the body's ability to withstand stressful conditions. Thiamine may also lower the risk of developing cataracts.

    Pantothenic acid: Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) helps the body utilize carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. It is also important for maintaining healthy skin, supporting normal brain and nerve function, forming red blood cells, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Folic acid: Folic acid or vitamin B9 helps the body make healthy new red blood cells. B9 is also used for many other conditions including depression, stroke, and decline in memory and thinking. Getting enough folic acid during early pregnancy is particularly important to reduce the risk of birth defects in the baby's brain and spine.

    Pyridoxine HCL: Pyridoxine HCL, also known as vitamin B6, plays an important role in improving mood, supporting brain health, treating anemia, and minimizing heart disease risk.

    Alpha Lipoic acid: The antioxidant properties of alpha lipoic acid have been linked to several benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved nerve function, lower blood sugar levels, and slowed skin aging.

    Inositol: Inositol is not a vitamin but rather a type of sugar with several benefits. It may help treat panic disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder. Inositol is also beneficial for people with conditions such as metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and gestational diabetes.

    What are the signs of deficiency of Vitamin B?

    People who are vitamin B deficient may feel tired, weak, lack energy, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet, and difficulty keeping balance, among other symptoms. In more severe cases, vitamin B deficiency can have more serious consequences.

    For instance, a vitamin B1 deficiency can cause beriberi disease. This can affect the cardiovascular system or nervous system. Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause inflammation of skin (Dermatitis) and a red, greasy, scaly rash, while vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia and neurological damage.

    Who should take it?

    As you age, your appetite declines and your ability to absorb vitamins decreases, making it difficult for people to get enough nutrients through diet alone. Also, vegetarians are generally at risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency. A daily vitamin B supplement can help ensure you are getting enough of these nutrients.

    B vitamins are important for those who are pregnant and breast-feeding. It helps in fetal brain development and reduces the risk of birth defects. People with certain health conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, celiac disease, anorexia, Crohn's disease, alcoholism, and cancer may also benefit from the supplement.

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