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    #B 64 DROPS

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    Helps relieve scaling (exfoliation of skin) and thickening of Epidermoid layer in Eczema and Psoriasis.
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    Dermato Drops: The list of medical conditions causing of Scaly skin (Scaling skin) includes Eczema, Fungal skin infection, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis. Dry/scaly skin is otherwise most commonly observed in the lower legs, arms, flanks (sides of the abdomen) and thighs.

    Composition: Berberis aquifolium Ø, Calcarea carbonica 8x, Graphites 8x, Hydrocotyle asiatica 2x, Natrum muriaticum 8x.

    Indications: Helps relieve scaling (exfoliation of skin) and thickening of outer layer of skin in Eczema and Psoriasis.

    Dosage: 10-15 drops in water, 2-3 times daily before meals or as prescribed by the physician.

    Contra-indication: None

    Side effects: No known side effects

    Expiry: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Manufactured in India by: Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Chouli Shahbuddinpur, Pargana Bhagwanpur, The. Roorkee-247661, Distt Haridwar, UK, India ,Customer care executive Mail id and contact, 18002572829

    Disclaimer: The information provided herein on request, is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice or diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION.

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    Action of Ingredients:

    Berberis aquifolium- Psoriasis. Dry Eczema. Eruption on scalp extending to face & neck. Pruritus at first in localized places, then spreading over the whole surface of skin. Amelioration from washing in cold water.

    Calcarea carbonica- Persons of scrofulous type. Calcarea patient is fat, fair, flabby, perspiring, cold, damp and sour. Small wounds do not heal readily. Flaccid, unhealthy Psoriasis. Visible quivering of skin from head to foot.

    Graphites- Especially active in patients who are rather stout, of fair complexion with tendency to skin affections. Rough, hard, persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by Eczema. Eruptions, oozing out sticky exudation.

    Hydrocotyle asiatica- Dry eruptions. Great thickening of epidermoid layer and exfoliation of scales. Psoriasis gyrate on trunk and extremities, palms and soles. Circular spots with scaly edges.

    Natrum muriaticum-A great remedy for skin. Eczema; raw, red and inflamed; greasy skin. Crusty eruptions on bends of limbs, margin of scalp, behind ears.

    Advice: B38 if given in addition will enhance the action of B64.

    Psoriasis is a deep seated constitutional complaint that requires time and patience in treatment.

    If symptoms agree B23 or Bakson Homoeopathic Formula D Tablets, in addition to B64.

    In cases of endocrine secretory disturbances B37 or B36 respectively can be used as additional therapy.

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