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    Complete Dandruff solution

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    Pack Size : 150 ml + 75 Tabs + 30 ml + 30 ml

    A unique formulation fortified with herbal ingredients like Aloevera, Neem & Lemon grass oil with the goodness of Thuja, it effectively controls dandruff, hydrates scalp and strengthens hair from the root.

    Directions for use: Massage into wet hair and scalp. Lather. Rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for daily use.

    Expiry: 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

    AC#4 Tablets

    Although not a life threatening condition, but dandruff if left untreated may lead to possible hair loss by clogging the hair roots and eventually
    weakening them. Dandruff Aid is indicated for:

    • Greasy, oily/dry areas of skin.
    • Skin scales (white & flaking, oily & adherent).
    • Mild redness with itching.

    Composition: Calcarea fluorica 3x, Calcarea sulphurica 3x, Kali sulphuricum 3x, Natrum sulphuricum 3x, Arsenicum album 6x, Rhus toxicodendron 3x, Sulphur 3x.

    Indications: Helps relieve Dandruff presenting as dry, itchy skin & excessive scaling of scalp.

    Dosage: For Dandruff: Adults: Start with one tablet twice a day for two weeks. Improvement is seen, as dryness, scaling and itching on scalp reduces. Continue the medicine till the symptoms disappear. In case of no improvement after fifteen days, you may increase to one tablet thrice a day for two weeks. In certain sensitive patients there may be aggravation in that case you may reduce the dosage to one tablet once a day.

    Maintenance dosage one tablet once a day is to be taken till patient is completely symptom free.

    According to Dr. Bakshi, In chronic conditions the course of medicine should be taken for a minimum one year or two changes of seasons.

    As Dandruff is considered as an indication of a skin allergy and is the first stage of Psoriasis which if not treated on time can mature into severe skin allergic conditions like Seborrhoea Dermatitis ( redness, itching of skin of scalp) and Psoriasis in those individuals who have a family history of Psoriasis.” Hence it is advised to take the medicine for longer period till complete disappearance of symptoms. Dandruff usually increases or appears more often in winters /change of season. So it is essential to take medicine during summers too, to avoid its recurrence in winters.

    Children: Start with one tablet on alternate day. As the improvement increases, you then one tablet once in a week.

    Maintenance dosage of one tablet once in a week is to be taken till the child is completely symptom free.


    A perfect hair tonic. The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair and split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp and hair and also nourishes the hair roots. Hair Aid is inevitable for natural growth of healthy hair.

    Compostion: Internal Preparation: Acidum phos. 3x, Lycopodium clavatum 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum mur.8x. 

    External Preparation: Cinchona off. Ø, Arnica mont. Ø, Jaborandi Ø, Cantharis Ø.

    Indications: Dandruff, Alopecia (hairloss) & thinning of hair. Conditions scalp & hair, nourishes the hair roots. Prevents itching & irritation of scalp & split ends.

    Directions for use of External Preparation: Mix with oil & apply on scalp every alternate day.

    Adults: 40-45 drops. Children: 20-25 drops.

    Dosage of Internal Preparation: Dilute with half tablespoon of water.

    Adults: 10-12 drops twice daily.

    Children: 5-6 drops twice daily.

    Expiry: 5 years for AC#4 Tablets & Hair Aid Drops (Dual Pack) and 3 years for Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from the date of manufacturing.

    Manufactured by: Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    Disclaimer: The information provided herein on request, is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice or diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION.

    Information on ingredients of each cosmetic product mentioned on the Site does not have the intent, nor should it be interpreted as an advice or recommendation as regards to the use of any cosmetic product. The buyer must always satisfy themselves for the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application by them. Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. accepts no liability in the unlikely event of any adverse reaction happening with use of any product.

    More Information

    Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    Sunny Herbals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes with the goodness of neem and aloevera extracts. Neem and Zinc pyrithione possess antibacterial & antifungal properties which target an increased number of yeasts on the scalp and prevent their occurrence as well as scalp infections. Aloevera has soothing and moisturizing properties which help to calm down irritated scalp caused due to dandruff.

    Ingredients: D.M. Water, Sodium Lauryl ether sulfate, Coco amido propyl betaine, Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Distillates of Aloevera, Azadirachta indica, Lemon grass oil & Thuja occidentalis, Distearyl Phthalic Acid Amide, Polyquaternium-39, PEG-150 Distearate, Zinc pyrithione, Cocomonoethanolamide, Cocodiethanolamide, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, CI 42090 & Perfume.

    AC#4 Tablets

    Dandruff is a common, non-contagious skin condition that causes shedding of the dead skin from the scalp with high oil (sebum) production. It is also called as Scurf or Pityriasis Simplex Capillitii. It is normal to shed some dead skin flakes as the skin is constantly renewing itself. For people with Dandruff, skin cells may mature and be shed in 2-7 days, as opposed to around a month in people without Dandruff. The new cells formed in the lower layers are gradually pushed to the surface which become flat and overlap each other. By then, these cells are dead and are shed from the surface all the time in clumps, which are big enough to be seen with the naked eye as embarrassing flakes, especially when they land on dark clothing.

    The basic underlying disorder is excessive oil production by the skin glands which in turn is acted upon by microorganisms that might be a fungus, called Malassezia furfur. This organism is normally present in the skin in small numbers, but sometimes its numbers increase, which causes unhealthy residue over the scalp resulting in mild or severe Dandruff. It is triggered by various internal & external factors like overactive oil glands, puberty, food allergies, stress, excessive perspiration, extreme weather changes, diet and is aggravated when exposed to UV light, hair dyes and harsh chemical shampoos.

    Dandruff is clinically presented as scaly, itchy, thick, flaky, localized patches of scalp with mild redness. It is important to emphasize, that Dandruff is a very common condition, affecting all the age groups and those who have it are completely healthy and have no internal or Immune problems. Dandruff in itself leads to no major complications, but if left untreated over a long period of time, may lead to possible hair loss by clogging the hair roots and eventually weakening them. Dandruff presenting as inflamed form is called Seborrhoeic Dermatitis which may appear at any age after puberty. It fluctuates in severity and may persist for years. It may predispose to Psoriasis.

    Bakson, a renowned name in Homoeopathy presents, BAKSON AC#4 Tablets, a clinical formulation to treat Dandruff.

    Action of Individual Remedies:

    Calcarea fluorica: Chaps and cracks of skin. Hard excrescences on the scalp.

    Calcarea sulphurica: Dandruff on scalp, eruptions with white scales. Many little pimples under the hair, bleeding when scratched.

    Kali sulphuricum: Dandruff and scald head, moist and sticky. Ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation.

    Natrum sulphuricum: Scalp sensitive, hair combing painful, watery yellow blisters, itching.

    Arsenicum album: Scalp itches intolerably; circular patches of bare spots; rough, dirty, sensitive and covered with dry scales.

    Rhus toxicodendron: Humid eruptions on scalp; itching greatly, burning eczematous eruptions with tendency to scale formation.

    Sulphur: Scalp dry, falling of hair, itching, scratching, sweaty scalp.

    WARNING: There may be aggravation in some very sensitive patients. The most common one is when patient shifts from one mode of treatment like from allopathy to homoeopathy. Wherein patient abruptly stops taking strong allopathic medicines like steroids, anti-histamines, antibiotics etc. This action results in withdrawal of symptoms of the original disease which were suppressed with allopathy. Hence, never stop allopathy suddenly but gradually taper it while taking homoeopathy. This aggravation is commonly mistaken as homoeopathic aggravation.

    • If symptoms persist, worsen or recur frequently, consult a registered medical practitioner
    • Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children.
    • Store in a cool, dark & dry place.


    Within the dermis there are many hair follicles, which are pouches of specialized cells that produce hair. Each hair is a collection of dead cells that are hardened into a thin shaft and pushed upward out of the follicles. Contrary to what you may have heard, cutting your hair does not make it grow faster, hair is produced at a steady rate whether it is long or short.
    Oil glands or sebaceous glands inside the hair follicles are small pockets of cells that produce sebum, an oily mixture of fats and proteins. This oil is produced within the cells, secreted into the follicle and pushed upward and out into the hair and skin. This oily substance contains chemicals that help prevent infection by inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms. It also keeps hair soft, pliable and gives it a shiny appearance.

    The color of the hair is due to the amount of pigmented granules and diffused pigment (melanin) which is present in hair and also due to the presence of air usually in the form of air vesicles. The white, gray or blonde hair is the result of replacement of melanin by air vesicles. The various diseases affecting the hair of scalp include Alopecia/hair fall, Dandruff and premature graying of hair.

    Both men and women develop hereditary hair loss which in men is called Male Pattern baldness and is observed as receding hair line or bald spot at the top of his head. In women it is called Female pattern baldness and first noticeable sign is thinning of hair or a widening part. With age as hair growth slows most people experience hair loss but if detected in time and treated appropriately it can be controlled.

    HAIR AID is a unique double action formula, as it acts both externally and internally on the hair. Hair Aid Internal preparation acts internally and develops resistance which eliminates the root cause of problem, whereas Hair Aid External preparation acts externally by nourishing the hair roots , conditioning the scalp & keeping the hair soft & thick.

    Action of Individual remedies:

    Acidum phos.: Gray hair & falling of hair in early life, thinning of hair.

    Lycopodium clavatum: Hair fall, gray hair, premature baldness after abdominal affections, dandruff, eruptions on the scalp with scratching & bleeding.

    Jaborandi: Baldness, makes the hair coarse and turns it dark.

    Natrum mur.: Hard & brittle hair

    Cinchona off.: Sensitivity of scalp & roots of hair to touch.

    Arnica montana: Stinging, itching of scalp which cannot be relieved by scratching.

    Cantharis: Hair fall when combing & dandruff with scales on scalp.


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