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    Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Homoeopathic Medicines and has two functional units at Parwanoo, (Himachal Pradesh) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand). The plant at Roorkee is a result of our expansion plan and has been commissioned as per GMP norms. We have a production capacity of over 200000 sq ft. Under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Bakshi, we have achieved an enviable position in the Homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry. Located in the natural environs, working day in and day out to maintain the standards as a promising Industry and always thriving for the best, Bakson has grown tremendously over a short span of time. All our efforts are a strong commitment towards ensuring safe and effective cure for the ailing masses by providing quality Homoeopathic Products.

    Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing wide range of Homoeopathic Medicines including Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Biocombinations, Biochemic Tissue Remedies, Specialty Medicines, Ointments, Creams, Gels, Veterinary Medicines & Pet Products. It is also engaged in manufacturing of Sunny Herbals Hair, Skin & Oral Care range of Personal Care Products.


    Bakson ensures unmatched quality of all its products. It strictly adheres with the pharmacopoeial standards for producing medicines to cater to the growing requirements of value added medicines.


    In its aggressive pursuit for excellence, every procedure at Bakson is monitored by a consortium of professionally qualified pharmacists, chemists, botanists and homoeopaths.


    We import herbs, from the countries of their original habitat to avail maximum benefits of the active principles in their natural biological forms. Medicines are also prepared from animal sources as well as chemicals conforming to pharmacopoeial standards.

    We believe in fresh collection and usage of herbs in manufacturing of Mother Tinctures. In order to maintain their therapeutically active components and also to avoid difficulties in inventory maintenance, we have a complete floor allotted to store herbs including separate place for odorous, poisonous, imported and indigenous herbs. They are kept well sealed under optimum storage conditions i.e. away from moisture, heat and light.

    Extra neutral alcohol

    We use the best known alcohol i.e. Extra Neutral Alcohol (E.N.A.), for expressing the active constituents and preparing Mother Tinctures, Dilutions as well as other specialties. Mother Tinctures are prepared in exact percentage of alcohol as per standards of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. As compared to rectified spirit, ENA scores better in terms of:

    • Quality
    • Purity
    • Flavour
    • Visual impact

    We procure Extra Neutral Alcohol of export quality which is one of the best analytically as well as organoleptically.

    The complete test for alcohol including absence for methyl alcohol and steroids are carried out for raw material and also for finished product.

    The analysis of alcohol is done by chemical methods and also instrumentally through Gas Chromatography which gives the graph for presence and percentage of impurities thereof.


    Pharmacopoeial grade, high class lactose is used for all our tablet preparations. We import HMS Lactose which has superior consistency, purity & clarity thus ensuring uniformity of tablets. This also helps in quick dissolution and thus better action of remedies.


    We have 4 DM Plants of flow rate ranging from 2000trs./hr to 3000ltrs/hr for wide range of applications. In addition, for sterilization we also have a system of passing the DM Water through UV water treatment. It offers many advantages over other forms of water treatment for microbiological contaminants. Most importantly, it does not introduce any chemicals to the water, it produces no bi-products and it does not alter the taste, pH or other properties of the water.


    • Accurate estimation of moisture content is done by the use of Electronic Infrared Moisture Analyser.
    • Mother Tinctures are prepared through Maceration & Percolation. Hi-tech Hydraulic Presses are used for their extraction.
    • Natural colour of mother tinctures is preserved by highly standardized methods.
    • Automatic, computerized Potentizer is used to prepare Back potencies.

    Laminar air flow is used under aseptic conditions which,

    • Provides pure & clean air with a steady velocity to the working area.
    • Protects the products & equipments from air-borne contamination.
    • The out-flow air removes the particulate contaminants suspended by the working personnel.




    Mother Tinctures are prepared through Maceration & Percolation as per pharmacopeial standards. Accurate estimation of moisture content is done by the use of Electronic Infrared Moisture Analyser.

    The fresh plant is cleaned, finely chopped and mixed with the appropriate quantity of Extra neutral alcohol0 and water as specified in the Pharmacopoieas. This mass is then macerated for 14 to 28 days with daily stirring to maximize exposure of the plant material to the menstruum. Thereafter the liquid is decanted from the plant material and the latter is pressed with Hydraulic Press to extract all menstruum. Finally, the liquid is filtered through SS micropore filters of 20microns and 10microns consecutively to yield the tincture. Natural colour of mother tinctures is preserved by highly standardized methods.

    The final product is then tested as regards its colour, odour, pH, total solids and alcohol content to meet the required specifications. The mother tinctures thus prepared are then subjected to Thin Layer Chromatography and UV Spectrophotometry to determine their quality compliance on basis of defined parameters. Once manufactured, the tincture is stored in NEUTRAL GLASS BOTTLES in a temperature- controlled environment protected from light.


    All dilutions are made from chemicals of pharma grade quality available in India and few rare back potencies are imported to prepare fresh potencies at Bakson. Dilutions are made from pharmacopeial grade Mother Tinctures exclusively manufactured at Bakson.

    Keeping abreast with the latest & high-precision technology, Bakson has incorporated the use of ‘Automatic Potentizer’ with SS-316 contact parts, to ensure standardized dynamisation of higher potencies with digital control. It enables to raise 900 potencies per head in one time operation.

    The operation stops automatically after a prefixed number of cycles & retains the data in memory, in case of power failure to restart the process from where it was shut off. The packing of potencies is done strictly under laminar air flow. Thereafter they are stored in hygienic environment. All back potencies are stored in a dehumidified area.


    For our Tablet range, Pharmacopoeial grade, HMS lactose imported from Holland is used. Manufacturing is done in AHU controlled classified area. The tablet is a solid dosage form containing one or more active ingredients and, commonly, other pharmacological ingredients. Tablets are made through back potencies prepared in speed controlled SS triturators followed by wet granulation to achieve the desired grain size. Various ingredients include diluents, binders to promote adhesion of the materials in the tablet.
    Granules are dried through Flame proof Fluid Bed Drier at a desirable temperature which is then passed through multimill to break the lumps and consequently lubrication is accomplished in blenders of various sizes through lubricating agents to give the tablet sheen and to aid in the manufacturing process besides addition of disintegrating agents to help break up the ingredients.
    Lubricated granules are then compressed to achieve the desired tablet size and thickness. Compressed tablets dissolve almost instantly in the saliva of mouth, facilitating sublingual absorption. Tablets are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and surface markings.
    Finally tablets are coated in case of Nutritional/Food supplements but left uncoated for homoeopathic medicines. The tablets are subjected to tests for Ash Value, Disintegration time, Hardness, Friablity, assay where applicable besides microbiological testing before being packed. Packaging of tablets is done through automatic online filling and labelling machines before being marketed to end user.


    Medicated Syrups are concentrated solutions of pharma grade sugar or other aqueous liquids like sorbitol and invert syrup with some added medicinal ingredients. Syrups possess remarkable masking properties for bitter and saline active ingredients

    For manufacturing oral liquid dosage form, the requisite amount of active ingredients and excipients are taken and mixed in a clean mixer through homogenisers. Colloidal mill is used for suspensions. Color and flavor are added in the end after mixing of base with actives, which is then passed through filter press and thereafter checked for clarity. The sample is then tested for physiochemical and Microbiological parameters followed by bottling and capping through automated machines.


    Ophthalmic manufacturing area is a classified sterile area. Demineralization Plant, WFI plant and SS 316L pipeline are available in loop form with a 5 micron filter and UV lamp for absolute purity of water. Separate double skin AHUs are there for washing, sterilization, buffer zone and airlocks. Dispensing of materials is under an SS reverse laminar flow of class 100 to overcome even infinitesimal chances of particulate contamination. Individual cabins are there with separate air handling units to avoid cross contamination in addition to air conditioning with 0.3 micron filtration to ensure absolute product purity. The HEPA filter removes nearly all of the bacteria from the air and assures uncontaminated surroundings in the sections of preparation & packaging of medicines. Finished preparations are tested before being packed

    At Bakson, manufacturing of ointments is taken up with the help of homogenizers and planetary mixers, through fully automatic plant without any hand touch and the same transferred directly to filling machines for automatic tube filling after extensive testing


    Bakson has further trapped the goodness of herbs and phytochemicals in form of its extensive skin, hair and oral care range of cosmeceuticals. Creams are manufactured through industrial planetary mixers besides Hair Oil and Shampoos where necessary actives, surfactants, conditioners, humectants and preservatives are mixed with herbal extracts through SS stirrers in a mixing tank and then filtered. They are then subjected to extensive testing before being packed through automated machines and then marketed.