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      1. What is Homoeopathy?

        Homoeopathy was discovered by a German Physician, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), in the late eighteenth century. It is a therapeutic system of medicine based on the principle, “Similia Similibus Curentur” or ‘let likes be treated by likes'. It treats the patients not only through holistic approach but also considers individualistic characteristics of the person.

        Homoeopathic medicines are cost effective, palatable, have no adverse side effects and can be administered easily. In some cases, the medicines can be prescribed on the basis of symptoms of the patients, without depending upon the cumbersome and costly diagnostic modalities.

      2. What precaution should I take while taking Homoeopathic medicines?

        There are not many precautions required while taking Homoeopathic medicines but it is better to take the medicines empty stomach or keeping a time gap between food and medicine intake.

      3. How are Bakson products better than others available in the market?

        Bakson without any foreign collaboration is proud to have structured an enviable position in the homoeopathic industry which is growing by bounds and leaps. Research at Bakson is an ongoing process and besides the laid down prescribed standards of various pharmacopoeias we are continuously working in house at each step of manufacturing process with precision so as to have no compromise on quality and efficacy of finished products. Bakson follows Good Manufacturing Practises and uses genuine herbs collected from their original habitat, extra neutral alcohol and Lactose of superior consistency to yield the best of Homeopathic dosage forms for gentle and holistic healing of your ailments.

      4. Why do we not have 100ml dilutions and Mother Tinctures on our website?

        As per Drug Rule, Homoeopathic medicines containing more than 12% alcohol should be sold only to dispensaries and hospitals in packs higher than 30ml. Since online sale is for end users, 100ml dilutions and mother tinctures can’t be sold on this platform.

      5. How to search products on the website?

        Please find a search bar at the top left of our website. You can enter any keyword like medicine name, medicine type, indication, disease condition, etc. to search the entire website.

      6. Can I get an advice for a critical medical problem?

        As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are not allowed to prescribe medicines for medical problems that need physician's consultation. We advise you to consult your Homoeopath or a registered medical practitioner for proper prescription and medical care.

      7. In how many days Bakson ships the order?

        The order is usually shipped within 5-7 working days subject to the availability of the product.

      8. Are Bakson Products available Internationally?

        Bakson products can be sipped internationally on placing an order through our website.

      9. What is the difference between single remedy and speciality combinations?

        Single remedies in Homoeopathy like the dilutions, mother tinctures etc., can be prescribed for multiple ailments based on the individual symptoms, while speciality combinations are specially designed for particular disease conditions.

      10. What if a kid accidentally ingests Homoeopathic medicines?

        There is no need to panic, it is recommended to give a strong cup of coffee and lots of fluids to antidote the medicine’s action. Look for any unwanted symptoms and if any noticed, report to a Homoeopathic Consultant.

      11. Is a prescription required for homoeopathic medicines?

        These medicines are considered over the counter medicines but proper diagnosis of your ailment and treatment under a Homoeopathic physician is always recommended.

      12. Are Homoeopathic Medicines Safe?

        Yes, Homoeopathic medicines are safe for consumption as long as given in recommended therapeutic doses.

      13. Do Homoeopathic medicines have side effects?

        There are no known side effects of Homoeopathic medicines as long as they are given in recommended therapeutic dose.

      14. Where can I get Homoeopathic medicines?

        You can find Bakson’s medicines at all the leading Homoeopathic stores and pharmacies. You can also purchase them online through our website. Search for store in your city through our STORE LOCATOR on the website.

      15. What if you miss a dose or a day’s medicine?

        If you miss a dose or a day’s dosage, don't repeat or increase the dose, just take it normally on the next dosage time.

      16. What are Dilutions and Mother Tinctures?

        Mother Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of drug having 1 gram in 10ml of the tincture from the plant, animal or mineral sources as per fixed formulations by pharmacopoeia.

        Dilutions are potentised preparations in Homoeopathy prepared from the Mother Tinctures by the use of vehicle to carry the medicinal power of the drug and are so prepared under controlled environmental conditions through validated procedures.

      17. How can I know which medicines are correct for me?

        On the homepage, Homoeopathic medicines are categorized under various headings like Mother Tinctures, Homoeopathic Dilutions, Ointments Creams and Gels, etc. Once the category is opened, it shows the Products with the detailed information and indications for the medicine on their respective page.

      18. Can adults and kids both take same medicine?

        Yes, adults and kids both can take same medicine if the indicated problem is same, but the dosage needs to be altered as per the age.

      19. What are Biochemics or Schussler's salt?

        Biochemics or Schussler's salts are the 12 tissue salts evolved by Dr. Schussler in 1873. He propounded the theory that disease is caused by the insufficiency of organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body and that the supply of these deficient salt(s) cures diseases. On the basis of this theory, these biochemics are used in multiple ailments and helps to strengthen the body systems and organs. Their combinations specific to different diseases are also available.

      20. Does Bakson ship products outside India?

        Yes, Bakson ships products internationally.


      1. What is My Account?

        My Account is the easiest way to manage/edit your personal information with us. My Account will allow you to: view order status, previous order, make a payment, bank info, your preferences for mails & update your information.

      2. Why should I register for an Account?

        If you do not register then we will be unable to record your progress. It will make it convenient and transparent for us to track and have a proper record of your purchases and keep you posted about our various offers.

      3. How do I activate My Account and create a username and password?

        If you still haven't created your My Account profile, simply follow these steps.

        • To activate your account on our website, click on the “Create an Account” button next to Sign In.
        • Enter your Name, Email Id, and Phone Number that you want to register with us.
        • Enter the Password and then Confirm Password.
        • Click Signup.
        • Your account has been created.
      4. How do I update my email address/login?

        Go to MyAccount>Profile>Personal info. Update your email address and enter "Save Changes”.

      5. How do I change my password?

        Under MyAccount>Profile>Change Password.

      6. How do I change my payment address?

        Go to MyAccount>Profile>Address.

      7. I have forgotten my password. How to retrieve password?

        To retrieve your password, enter the registered email address, then click Forgot. An email will be sent to your registered account with a reset password link. Once the email arrives, click the reset password link to continue and enter details accordingly to recover password. If you do not receive this email, make sure to check your junk mail folder.


      1. Where can I check my order status?

        Go to My Account > Order History and Details > Status. You can track your order here.

      2. How will I get to know my order is confirmed?

        Once your order is placed and confirmed, you will see a confirmation page displaying a unique Order ID, shipping address with the estimated date of delivery. In addition, you will receive an email & SMS confirming your order details.

      3. Can I order a product that is 'Out of Stock’?

        'Out of Stock' products are not available at the moment you are looking for it but would soon be available as it is under manufacturing.

      4. Is it necessary to have an account to place an order?

        No, you do not necessarily need an account with us to place an order. You can order as a guest by just providing your valid email address for correspondence. However, we highly recommend that you do create an account with us. This will allow you to have a track record with us regarding all your orders.

      5. What is maximum number of a particular product that can be purchased at one time?

        For any particular product, the maximum quantity that can be purchased at a time is 10. For bulk orders you can reach us directly through our contact mail id

      6. Can I leave items in my cart for future purchase?

        Yes, you can leave items in your cart for future purchase provided the same device is used for the purchase.

      7. Can I change the order already placed?

        You can change the order if you have not made payment. After payment is done order cannot be changed or cancelled.

      8. How can I cancel my order?

        To cancel your order, Click My Orders> Change Order>Cancel Order>Click on the X sign beside the particular order>Select Reason for Cancellation>Confirm Order Changes>Yes. Orders can be cancelled only if payments have not been done.

      9. What Does The Various Product Availability Options Mean?

        In Stock: The item is available; we expect to deliver it in the mentioned timelines.

        Out of Stock: This item is sold out and is currently not in stock


      1. How can I make payment for my order?

        You can use any one of the following payment methods:

        • Credit card (Visa/ Master/American Express/Maestro)
        • Debit card (All major bank debit cards)
        • Wallets (Mobikwik, Freecharge, PayZapp, PayUMoney, Ola Money, SBI Buddy, Vodafone mPesa)
        • Netbanking (All Major Banks)
        • Cash on Delivery (Available for selected products and pincodes)
      2. I was not able to pay online while placing an order

        In case of failure of payment, go to My Account> Order History. Check the status of the order. In case the order is not placed, you can reorder from there.

      3. My money was deducted but the order was not placed. What do I do?

        If the amount is deducted and Order not generated, then you can call the Customer care Customer Care Number : 18002572829 (Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM). and give the details about the transaction reference number. The order can be created manually. Otherwise the money will be refunded back in 5-7 working days.

      4. Are there additional charges that we have to pay on placing an order?
        • When you place a COD order, then Rs.50 is charged as COD charges. However, on prepaid orders no additional charges are added to your bill.
        • When you place any order of less than Rs.500 then a shipping charge of based on your location and order weight gets added to your bill. The shipping charges are waived off when you place an order of minimum Rs.500.
        • When you place a COD order of less than Rs.500, then both shipping charges (Rs.50) + COD charges (Rs.50) are applicable on your order.


      1. How can I track my order?

        As soon as we ship your order, you receive an e-mail notification with a link to track your order. You can also access this information from your 'My Account' section at the top right corner on our website Online tracking usually goes live within 24-48 business hours post shipping.

      2. How long do you take to dispatch and delivery an order?

        We try to get your order delivered in the least time. It depends on where you are. At all steps of your order processing, we are in constant touch with you over phone, email and SMS to keep you updated.

        • Items which are available at our hub gets dispatched on the same or the next day of order placement.
        • Items which the are sent by the sellers to our hub gets dispatched in 2-3 working days of order placement.
      3. What are the shipping charges?
        • When you place any order of less than Rs.500 then a shipping charge of Rs.50 gets added to your bill. The shipping charges are waived off when you place an order of minimum Rs.500.
        • When you place a COD order of less than Rs.500, then both shipping charges (Rs.50) + COD charges (Rs.50) are applicable on your order.
      4. Is Bakson shipping outside India?

        Yes Bakson ships internationally.

      5. Are there any Bakson retail physical store?

        Bakson retail physical stores can be located through STORE LOCATOR on our website


    1. I want to know the status of my refund

      To check the status of your order, Click My Orders> Cancelled Orders. Here you will be able to see the status of your cancelled order and the refund.

    2. How will I get the refund?

      The refund will be initiated in 5-7 working days directly in the bank account.

    3. Under what conditions can I return an item purchased?

      Conveniently place your return request online by raising an issue in your bakson account or by calling us on 18002572829 or by mailing us on our Email:

      • In case of Wrong Product issue can be raised within 7 days of order delivery.
      • If after opening the package customer discovers that the item is missing, the return request should be filed within 2 days of delivery along with photographs (of the parcel box as well as other products received) on our email.
      • In case of a damaged packaging, do not accept the delivery of that particular package. In case you have received it and later, after opening the package, discover that the item(s) is Damaged/Defective or the product is leaked, the return request should be filed within 2 days of delivery along with photographs (of the received parcel box as well as the product) on our e-mail
      • In case products delivered are past or near their expiry date (medicines with an expiry date of less than 6 months and personal care with an expiry date less than 3 months, shall be considered as near expiry) return request can be raised within 7 days of order delivery along with photographs of products (Expiry date must be clearly visible in the attached photographs).
    4. Under what conditions Return/Replacement request will not be accepted?

      There are certain scenarios where it is difficult for us to support returns.

      • Return request is made outside the specified time frame.
      • Any wrong ordering or partially consumed strips or products do not qualify for return.
      • We shall not be liable for refunds/replacements for any incidental liquid leakage up to 25% of total product quantity as it may be a result of evaporation or courier handling etc.
      • Leakages above 25% shall be covered under our return/replacement policy.
      • Anything missing from the package related to the product including price tags, labels, invoice, original packing of product, parcel box and accessories.
      • Defective/damaged products that are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, for such products a buyer can directly call the manufacturer and avail the warranty.
      • Product is damaged due to misuse or Incidental damage by the customer.
    5. Can I return part of my order?

      Yes, a return can be created at item level and if you have ordered multiple items, you can initiate a return for a partial quantity.

    6. How to initiate request for replacement and when will I get it?

      Once a replacement request is created and the claim is verified as genuine and reasonable, we will initiate the return and send you an email detailing the pickup process as well as provide details about the replacement.

      Kindly ensure proper packaging to avoid any damage during transit.

      Mention the Order Number/Delivery Address on the package, before handing over the packet to our Pickup executive.

      Keep the Courier Company's receipt for tracking purposes

      After the product is received by us, it is verified against your claim and accordingly, Replacement or Refund is initiated.

      Bakson reserves the right to cancel the return request, in the event of fraudulent and unjustified complaints regarding the quality and content of the products. Under such conditions, the products will be discarded.

    7. I've still not received the refund to my bank account. Why?

      If you have received a mail from us confirming your refund request then rest assured that we have initiated your refund request and are following up with financial organisations for the same. Generally a refund is processed within 7 to 10 working days depending upon the financial organizations involved.

      Sometimes financial organizations take a longer time to process the refund request. However, if the refund hasn't happened by the date we promised, you can contact us. We will gladly help you.

    8. I have changed my mind and would like to retain the product. What do I do?

      Please mail us to cancel your return request and we will do the needful.

    9. What are the Cancellation Policy?

      Orders cannot be cancelled once payments are made.