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    For symptoms of eye infections and tendency to opacification of eye lens (Cataract) especially with blurring of vision.
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    Some eye problems are minor and fleeting but some lead to a permanent loss of vision. Common symptoms of eye diseases are eye pain, watery eyes, photophobia, red eye, cloudy vision, foreign body sensation in eye, seeing lights, flashes, seeing spots, crusty eyelids etc.

    Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops, a combination of some well known homoeopathic remedies, is effective in treating symptoms of many common eye infections besides relieving eye strain, corneal opacities and tendency to obscuration of lens causing blurred vision.

    Composition: Cineraria maritima Ø, Euphrasia officinalis Ø, Calendula officinalis Ø, Kali muriaticum 10x, Calcarea fluorica 10x, Silicea 10x, Magnesia carbonica10x.

    Indications: For symptoms of eye infections and tendency to opacification of eye lens (Cataract) especially with blurring of vision.

    Directions for Use: Instil 1 or 2 drops into the eye, 3 or 6 times daily for several months.

    Warning: If irritation persists or increases, discontinue the use and consult physician.


    Use the solution within one month after opening the container.

    Side effects: No known side effects

    Expiry: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Manufactured in India by: Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    Disclaimer: The information provided herein on request, is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice or diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION.

    More Information

    Good vision is a blessing we all take for granted till we suffer from eye problems. Eye, the organ of sight, functions during all our waking hours allowing us to see and interpret the shapes, colors and dimensions of objects and learn more about the surrounding world. Common symptoms of eye disorders include:

    • Grittiness/Dryness of eyes
    • Increased lacrimation
    • Itching/burning sensation in eyes
    • Pain in eyes
    • Reduced/obscured vision
    • Redness of eyes
    • Spots before eyes
    • Clouding of eyes

    These symptoms can occur singly or in combination with various disorders like:

    Stye (Hordeolum)- bacterial infection of sebaceous glands of eyelashes.

    Chalazion is a painless cyst in the eyelid that is caused by inflammation of a blocked meibomian gland, usually on the upper eyelid.

    Blepharitis is an ocular disease characterized by inflammation of the eyelid margins.

    Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva most commonly due to an allergic reaction or an infection.

    Pterygium is a benign growth of the conjunctiva.

    Scleritis is a serious inflammatory disease that affects the sclera (the white of eye).

    Keratitis is the inflammation of the cornea.

    Keratoconjunctivitis sicca/Dry Eyes is caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation.

    Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, a hypersensitivity reaction of the cornea and conjunctiva to bacterial antigens, is characterized by discrete nodular areas of corneal or conjunctival inflammation.

    Corneal ulcer/Corneal abrasion is loss of the surface epithelial layer of the eye's cornea. They are extremely painful due to nerve exposure and can cause tearing, squinting and vision loss.

    Iritis is inflammation of the iris (coloured part of eye).

    Uveitis is inflammatory process involving the interior of the eye.

    Cataract is a clouding (opacity) of the lens of the eye that causes a progressive, painless loss of vision. Vision may be blurred, contrast may be lost and halos may be visible around lights.

    The list of diseases of eye is endless. But many of these common diseases can be managed with eye drops. Eye drops can be used in conjunction with internal medication as well.

    Action of Ingredients:

    Cineraria: It is recommended in diseases of the eye. Effective in Cataract and corneal opacities; especially as an absorbent of Cataracts. Must be used regularly for several months. Most effective in traumatic cases.

    Euphrasia: Euphrasia tightens the mucous membranes of the eye and relieves Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis. It is indicated in acrid lachrymation; the eyes water all the time; burning and swelling of the lids; little blisters on cornea; opacities.

    Calcarea fluorica: Spots on the cornea; Conjunctivitis; Cataract. Strumous Phlyctenular Keratitis (inflammation of cornea). Subcutaneous palpebral cyst.

    Calendula officinalis: Promotes rapid healing. Injuries to eyes which tend to suppurate; after surgery. Eyes, inflamed. Inflammation of the white of the eyes, dryness and biting in the margins of the lids, as from smoke.

    Kalium mur: Trachoma. Corneal opacities.

    Mag carb: Inflammation of eyes, with redness, sensation of burning and hazy sight. Agglutination of eyelids in morning. Dryness of eyes or violent lachrymation. Opacity of cornea. Black spots before sight. Obscuration of crystalline lens (Cataract).

    Silicea: Styes. Iritis and Irido-choroiditis, Abscess in cornea after traumatic injury. Cataract in office workers. After-effects of Keratitis and ulcus cornae, clears the opacity.


    If Irritation persists or increases, discontinue the use and consult the physician. The product is sterile. Do not touch the dropper tip since it may contaminate the solution. In case of any mishandling after opening the seal of the vial leading to the presence of any visible floating particle or sediment, discard the vial and use a fresh vial.

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