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    All Bakson Dilutions are potentised homeopathic medicines manufactured by the use of Extra Neutral Alcohol which is free from impurities like aldehydes and ketones and are safe to consume under the advise of a registered Homoeopath for your ailment. We use back potencies manufactured inhouse from genuine raw material and then potentise them to desired potency through homeopathic pharmacopeial procedures.

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    Action of Medicine:

    • Its "burning" sensations in many parts, notably anus, stomach, and œsophagus.
    • Acute bruised pain, even on slight pressure, just beneath ensiform cartilage.
    • Spasmodic griping in anus, appearing at intervals, and especially noticed after swallowing anything.
    • Urine: dark yellow, soon forming transparent cloud; bright golden yellow; dark-brown like beer.
    • Worse- by touch, pressure, motion, warm room, after eating, swallowing. Better- rest, open air.

    Reference: Nature's Materia Medica by Robin Murphy

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